And So It Begins

I love my tv series. Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Babylon 5, Star Trek and many more. But I reckon, none of them comes close to what Battlestar Galactica, BSG (except maybe Babylon 5) has to offer story wise.

The struggle between mankind and machines has never been told like how BSG portrayed. It feels very real, it takes you to the edge of your seat thinking if mankind will survive and above all else, it shows what it really is to be human. The need or survival. The kindness we can show to stranger in need of help. The wicked deeds we have to do in order to survive. The selfishness we all are capable of doing.

So it is of no surprised that there are many raving reviews for BSG. I for one totally a fan of this series. Never a disappointing moment throughout the past three seasons. However, it is disheartening to know that Season 4 will be the last, with 20 or so episodes.

Watch the YouTubes below. Awesome stuff.

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If you're looking for an over the edge, emotional turmoil rollercoaster ride tv series to watch. This is IT! Don't worry about the Sci-Fi mumbo jumbo cause there's hardly any.

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You know you love me.
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-C said...

2nd best TV show ever made.