Mmmm Meat

I love my meat very much. All sorts of meat. Beef, pork, chicken, lean and toned boys or any other sort of meat. Yummy. So when I was at McD and saw a new promotion of a Big Mac, I just had to try it. Curiosity got the best of me. Who wouldn't with a name such as Mega Mac? The bigger the better right?

My "healthy" medium set.

Ordered it I did. A medium set. One Mega Mac, one medium fries and of course my favourite Light Coke. Gotta cut those out calories wherever I can. Zero calorie and its refillable! Yes McD does refill, just go to the counter and ask for it.

So what's a Mega Mac?

This is a Mega Mac. Nice packaging.

Mmmm Mega Mac~~~

And tadaa.

Four layers of meat patty!

It is a essentially a double Big Mac! Four layers of juicy meat patty~~~

But that is all that's special about the Mega Mac. I felt a little disappointed. All that hype for nothing... Should have stuck with my regular order, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe instead. I love my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Juicy spicy chicken meat chunks.

My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe~~~

May I have a refund please?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Leon Koh said...

Why they don't serve Spicy Chicken McDeluxe in Singapore? they looked so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Leon Koh: You look yummy yourself too! Hehehe... Well, all you have to do is come over to Malaysia to get a taste of the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

QR: Is it just me or do you see that the burgers they serve is smaller in size compared a few years ago? Just look at the fillet-o-fish now. I don't eat McD anymore.

Jason said...

Yalor, nothing special. But you sounds so excited in MMS.

Queer Ranter said...

Leon: They don't have it there? How odd. Well its only a bridge away. :)

Calvin: Yea I agree. What a pity huh?

Jason: Kekekkek. Just to cause some hype that's all. :P

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