On Display For All To See

I have been inadvertently labeled the "exhibitionist" by my roomie. Its not an unjust labeling I tell you. It had happened quite a few times already. Maybe I was born an exhibitionist. Heheheh.

Last month or so, I was just lying on my bed wearing only my boxers while playing my PSP. Then roomie came in and just stood at the door frozen. Then he said, "QR, I can see your thinggi...". I didn't give much noticed but popped it back in.

Then few years back when McDave stayed over in campus, my roomie walked in on us. I was under the table and McDave was sitting on the chair without his pants. That was hilarious! Cause roomie opened the door, said "Oh Shit!", walked out and closed the door. Kekekeke. Still cracks me up hearing the story.

Another story involved La Faghag. We were cam whoring while waiting for our turn for interview. Took lots of pic here and there, posed like this and posed like that. Then she browsed through my photos in my phone for the photos we took. She gasped outloud with her face all scrunched up in shock. Instantly, I knew what she saw. She saw kinky photos of little me that were in my phone! Suffice to say, it wasn't little there (yes I know what you're thinking).

At least, La Faghag liked the look of it visually. She's rather impressed actually. Heheheh. The things La Faghag goes through with me. You know I love you dear and yes you may have a second peek if you'd like. Heheheh.

I'm like the new Edison Chen without the press coverage. Heheheh.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


savante said...

Juk juk juk.

William said...

I am shocked! Quickly leak those photos on the internet!

Alex said...

Gasp. Horror.

Sam said...

You forgot the time you gave a certain someone all your porn pics and happened to hand him the photo of yourself in the nude too. :P

Janvier said...

QR here lives out his porn fantasies.

Daniel Henry said...

hear no evil. see no evil.

OMFG! talk all evil.
... show la. don't just say. antiCLIMAX!

ikanbilis said...



Brian Chang said...


And I thought i'm reigning the Pornstar throne! lol

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: What? You don't wanna see the pics too? :P

William: Wakakakakakak.

Alex: What horror!?

Sam: You remembered!!! Hhahahaha. Even I myself forgotten it.

Janvier: Heheheh. Wish it was a little more glamourous. :P

Daniel: Are you nuts?! Then again, my blog hits just sky rocketed. Heheheh. Maybe I should. :P

Ikanbilis: No words to describe it huh? :P

Brian: Well now you have a rival. :P

Jason said...

WTF.... kids nowadays...

La Faghag said...

something tells me that there will be a second time..whether i like it or not. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: What!? It just happened ok...

La Faghag: Kekekek. You'd like that wouldn't you? :P