Paintball or Painball?

All of us have some sort of sadomasochism tendencies deep down inside. I'll admit, I do like to spice it up a little when it comes to rampant bed activities, just a little. I'm rather kinky when it comes to these things but I'm sure you guys already know that. No harm so long as both parties are having a good time and be safe.

That aside, I've found paintball to be the perfect outlet (outside of the bedroom) for my inner-sadomasochism-self. Paintball! Though it should be called painball cause it hurts like a bitch when you get shot at from a distant and at 10 feet or less, a shot on naked skin will cause minor bleeding... The pallet (bullets) flies through the atmosphere at an average velocity of 250 ft/sec. That translates to major pain.

Despite having participated in paintball previously, I still got shot, got shot many times and I have the bruises as evidence!

Left arm casualty.

Right arm casualty.

Hurts like a bitch! Urgh.

I find a part of the pre-match briefing hilarious yet disturbing.

The Marshal said, "Now when you get shot, raise your hand, shout "OUT" and walk to the trees. Even when you have surrendered, your friends will keep barraging you with pallets until he realises that you have surrendered. So be patient. Enjoy the game and enjoy the pain.".

Barrage of pallets did come my way several times... I did manage to pull off dodging bullets ala The Matrix but not when there's several people shooting at me. Instead you had me screaming, "Ouch my arm! Arrrgh my other arm. Wei my tits! Hey, I surrender! Dem it that was my BUTT!".

But all is fair when it comes to paintball. I did get several people but I feel for one of my victim. Shot him straight on his chest and leaving a bruise next to his heart. Unfortunate for him, his vest failed him and the pallet contacted on his naked skin. No pain no glory right?

I think I'm fast becoming a fan of paintball but I don't have the funds for it at the moment. Gonna get myself SE Xperia first then I shall consider joining the local paintball club.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Oh I see someone's a paintball fan! Wanna meet up for a paintball session? I love paintball too, though I admit it can be painful. No pain, no game, right?

nase said...

No pain no glory! Aye to that...

Seems like there are a few of us here with S & M tendencies be it in the bedroom or out, so I'm not alone hehehe!

p.s. wanna play 'doctor and patient'?

Alice said...


AJ said...


wanted to try paintball....but after reading thanks!!

dun wanna do anything to hurt my j'lo looking-skin ;P

Sam said...

Admit it! They're love bites! :P

ShaolinTiger said...

It's pellet dear not pallet.

Fable Frog said...

Ouch! by just looking at the photos, i would have thought it's either love bite or the result of playing victim with your master~ *craziness!*

Jason said...

So is it recommended to wear extra shirts, pair with vest?

Queer Ranter said...

Mannpriedo: Yea love it lots! Though it's quite an investment. Shall have to think about it. Who's your paintball session gang?

Nase: Well you know me. I'm all about the kinky stuff. Doctor patient me in!

"Oh help me doctor. I accidentally sat on something and now it's stucked in me~~~"

Alice: Mad indeed. Massage me please? :P

AJ: Aiyo... Go for it. It's hell of a fun!

Sam: Kekekekke. I wonder whose. :P

Shaolin: Oh yea! Thanks. Was wondering what was wrong...

FableFrog: Wakakakakkaak. You kinky frog.

Jason: Yes. Totally!