The Year That Was 2008

2008 was quite a year and it went by in a blink of an eye. I dare to say that 2008 is the year that I started to grow up. My life as a student ended upon my graduation and the road to adulthood, career, taxes, paychecks and bills opened up to me. It's a good trade off for me. Sure there's less responsibilities and more time to myself when I was a student but there's just so much more as an adult.

You win some you lose some, that's how it is.

Getting a job means I have to move to where the job is and that is Sarawak. Living by my own and being independent is not foreign to me. Been doing that since young so moving from West Malaysia to East Malaysia was almost a seamless transition. Sure I miss KL, my friends and all but a man got to do what a man got to do.

Then of course, there's my breakup with McDave, second and final breakup. As painful as the experience was, it was necessary for me to learn about myself and relationship. No better teacher than pain and experience. We're still friends and that's the best result I can hope for in a breakup.

As 2008 was about to end, I met an amazing guy in our annual Christmas party hosted by none other than Dr. Paul. We hit it off in less than 48 hours, that gave a whole new meaning to living on the fast lane. Never have I had such affair happened to me before. Seriously, less than 48 hours. We'll see where things lead and take it easy and slow. However, lots of drama went along with my encounter. Rocked the boat quite violently more like it.

What a year 2008 was and went with a bang it did. I'm looking forward what 2009 brings.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


JD Cole said...

i hope u'll have all the love u've desired =)

jason said...

Good to see you at where you are now :)

Legolas said...

Please don't forget to prepare us another round of gossips and dramas for the next Christmas. You know how we like it.

nicojie said...

i hope what i found at the end of 2008 stays forever with me ^_^

kampai ~~ :P

: N :

Robb said...

happy new year!

nase said...

Seems like 2008 was a turning point in your life as you embraced life as a working adult and the natural responsibilities that came along with it.

The road leading ahead is still a long one and in time, you'll come across many branches or diversions or even pit stops, lol. Ancient wisdom of 'it's the journey that counts and not the destination' will be more meaningful to you as you tread along.

Wish you a successful 2009 and much happiness in whatever your heart desires.

Alice said...

Regret shoppin today? :p confess ur emotions!

Anonymous said...

Ah...a long distance relationship then. It will b tough my dear, i speak from experience. But i think u are way mature & wise beyond ur years and I can see u making a success of this, so good luck mate & I wish u both love & happy days ahead. Indeed, what a bang to te start of ur year!! And how exciting!

Listen to ur heart, but keep ur head and u will do great! Luv ur queer rants!

Happy new year,mate!
~ hayden k ~

Alex said...

Happy New Year then :P I didn't know you became so rich suddenly. :P

mstpbound said...

congrats on the new relationship! :) and happy new years! :D

Queer Ranter said...

JDCole: Awww that's sweet. Thanks! You have a good 2009 too.

Jason: Thanks. :) More to come from me. Hehehhe.

Legolas: Gosh you people and your gossips. Keep that popcorn in the microwave...

Nicojie: Don't we all wish that too eh?

Robb: Happy 2009!

Nase: So true. Everyday is a new lesson to learn. :)

Alice: Oh you mean boy~~~

HaydenK: Heheheh. Thanks for the advise. We'll see what comes by our way and take it one at a time. :)

Alex: Hahahahah. I'm not rich suddenly. It's accumulated frustrated unspent money. :P

MSTPBound: Thanks and Happy 2009!