Animal Abuse Alert

I am deeply appalled by this recent announcement made by Pinocchio, member of the Puppet Student Board, to the dog "problem" the campus seems to be having. Their brilliant solution? Read the article and see.


by Pinocchio, Puppet Student Board

Yes, recently this issue has been a main talking point among students, especially those staying in the OLD V5. These dogs ‘visit’ the hostel blocks at night in search of food and as a result leave the block in a big mess. Apart from that, they are a threat to the students.

Realising the seriousness of the issue at hand, the Welfare Department of Puppet Student Board has come up with a couple of solutions:

1 - Poisoning the dogs
2 - Shoot down the dogs

Why must serious action be taken immediately?

1. The number of dogs in Notroh Woods is steadily rising
2. The possibility of the dogs spreading a disease
3. Catching the dog doesn’t help as the dogs tend to come back

These actions will most probably be taken during the mid-semester break, to ensure students’ safety. We would like to avoid the possibility of a student getting hurt during the process.

This creative article was posted by Pinocchio, Puppet Student Board Welfare EXCO I
The article is anything but creative. It just screams STUPIDITY.

A little cruel ain't it?! Poisoning and having them shot down. Brilliant. Animal cruelty! Are they freaking retards? Call the farking RSPCA dem it. They exist for a reason. Duh...

Its funny how Pinocchio and his marionettes are so keen on killing those dogs but yet they're allowing the cats here to breed like rabbits. The cats hang out in the cafes and eat along with the students. Ewwww. Those cats need castration.

Idiots... Bunch of idiots...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ryan said...

Poisoning the dogs? Shoot them down some more?

I remember my dog died when I was a kid and I cried for like three days.

And yes, cat could be equally annoying too. I remember they climbed up the table and watched me finish my meal so they could enjoy the remains. Urgh!

ikanbilis said...

haha this is funny, really!

Mr Rainbow Man said...

in other countries, it is NEVER done this way.... just think about the consequences... sigh

Daniel Henry said...

grrr. i dislike cats.

mstpbound said...

if this were china...can't you eat them? feed the hungry! :d :D

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Awwww.


Yea cats are darn annoying too. The most annoying is when they start moaning so bloody loud when I'm deprived of sex...

Ikanbilis: Hahahah. Glad that gave you a little something to laugh about. :)

Mr Rainbow: I know. You'll have a riot going on. Then again, this is Malaysia.

Daniel: I don't mind them much really.

MSTPBound: Hahhahah. I hear dog meat is "heaty". :P

savante said...

I dislike cats too. Reason enough I used to rid my campus of it as well :P

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: I'm thinking I should do the same too. Heheheh. Let's demonstrate with dead cats laying around the campus. Muahahha. :P

Sam said...

Do know I'd call SPCA if I see an announcement about shooting dogs. Keep me informed so I can be bitchy when the opportunity arises.

Janvier said...

Firstly we shall make an open statement here that this 'puppet student' is in no way affiliated with us!

It would be good to call in the RSPCA, although we do feel that there'll be a reality check if someone does.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

With a name like Pinocchio.. maybe he should be poisoned or shot instead.

And stop with the cat-hate.. cats are nice.

The BuckSkin Cafe said...

Hey QR,

I say we unleash some termites. Take their minds off the dogs. Take alot of bullets to shoot all them termites.

Jason said...

People always seek for the fastest solution la...

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Bitchy mode ON!

Janvier: Hhahaha. Of course not you. You love your doggies. :)

Soul: Totally with you in shooting and poisoning him.

Me don't mind cat. So long as its singular.

Buckskin: Oooo termites. Heheheh.

Jason: Poor dogs le... Just looking for food only what...

~Silas~ said...

i think he is just upset where one day he forgot his brain and so happen a dog ate half of it. hope by accident the poison ends up in his breakfast instead.

this prove that there is ALL kinds of peopl in this world

Queer Ranter said...

Silas: Yea. Tell me about it... :(