Have any of you seen this year's Malaysian CLEO bachelors? Seems to me that as years go by, the bachelors gets fuglier... It truely is very disappointing. To begin with, some of the Bachelors actually have girlfriends and some of the Bachelors even have BOYFRIENDS! How very controversial...

50 men to fulfill your heart's desire... NOT!

This year's selections were very appalling. It was so bad, it made me said, "OMG it gets fuglier as you turn the pages!". Sigh... Seriously... Is Malaysia running out of good looking men?! Did they suddenly became endangered species or extinct?!

La Faghag and Slender Faghag drooling over the Bachelors.

Out of those horrible selection of 50 Bachelors, only 4 somewhat appeals me.
  1. Bachelor 8, Brian Lau
  2. Bachelor 21, Hedzri PJ
  3. Bachelor 41, Owen Yap
  4. Bachelor 50, Ong Weng Jin
Sigh. Where have all the good looking ones gone?! This is depressing. I'll just have to fill my heart's desires or good looking men with a slice of Mango Delight then. Very disappointing...

Yummy Mango Delight.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Oh.. Owen is nice. Donno why Paul said "blergh".

-C said...

How can you be an eligible bachelor if you're NOT SINGLE?!?!

That is SO retarded!

Ah-Bong said...

gasps... bachelors who have bf in there? how are they even be considered bachelor? sheesh

hmmm... :) :) :)

i need to go see... NOW! :P

Mr Wanna said...

Yes. I figured out LONG ago that there isn't anymore more good looking men in malaysia! I'm now opting for bangla workers. You'll often catch me at construction site, cruising around, hoping to score myself one fine bangla of my own *sign*

William said...

well check spore version. Agree with u Msia Cleo Bachelors is getting worse yrs by yrs. However i'm disagree that Msia is extinct with good looking men. For instance my last week trip to KL, i saw quite alot good looking and cute guy at bukit bintang especially Pavillion shopping complex.

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Paul says "blergh" to anything. :P

C & Bong: Tell me about it! Retarded indeed!

MrWanna: *gasp!

Construction sites! Bangla!


William: Oooo yes Singapore bachelors! Aussie ones too. :P

Ah how I miss male watching in BB and Pavillion. :)

Anonymous said...

Suprisingly, Kenny Sia is in that list. Doesn't it just go to show that Cleo has no taste at all? Personally, all of then are very BLERGH!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say Owen is indeed a hottie. @-@


Queer Ranter said...

KLFairy: I know... Blergh indeed.

Anonymous: Oh yes. Me likey him. :)