Torrential Rain

I love the rain, especially those heavy downpour with lightnings and thunders. I like watching the rain in the comfort of my room and enjoy the cool weather, the roaring thunder and the flashes of lightning. Kinda like Fantasia Raw!

The best time to watch the rain is when I'm travelling at night. Train, car, bus or aeroplane, it doesn't matter so long as its dark and raining outside. There's something about travelling through the rain that's so exciting.

Yesterday evening, it was raining like typhoon just hit my campus. Winds were blowing at who knows how fast and rain was pouring down so much. It went on for hours. I was enjoying the view as the wind blew and rain splashed against my window. The cool weather made me hungry and I waited till the rain subsided before I went to pack my dinner.

There I was walking down the stairs and I saw this.

The campus is flooding!

Holy crap! So much rain water and the pavement had turned into a river.

Have a look at the plants.

There goes the plants.

And when I finally arrived at the cafeteria.

Even the cafeteria suffered the same fate.

That was sure one heck of a rain. Floods everywhere. Something tells me the developers forgotten to pay attention to the drainage system.

I don't like getting wet when I'm all dry. It wasn't a pleasent journey to the cafeteria to say the least...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


-C said...

I'm sorry, YOU don't like getting wet?


Don't like?

Getting wet?


Fable Frog said...

LOL at -c's comment... Well seems like Daniel Henry's jinx got out of control!! DH, have mercy on us!!! :(

William said...

Wah, really got drainage problem. Did it cause any sewage problem? :P

Queer Ranter said...

C: You have a problem me not liking to get wet?! :P

Fable: The curse of DH?!


Burn him burn him! Heheheh.

William: Thank goodness no sewage problem. That would be a disaster.

Jason said...

DH controls weather mah :P
Kinda sucky to get wet and dirty when you already taken shower.