Martian Child

Another movie review and this time its Martian Child. I hate that it takes forever for movies arrive in Malaysian shores. This movie was out since December and only now its screening. Bleh. Annoying.

The plot is David (John Cusack), recently lost his wife was considering to adopt a kid, Dennis who thinks he's from Mars. Dennis stays in his box, afraid of the sun and has a belt of flashlight batteries as weights to prevent him from floating off. Basically a weird kid. So the movie is about the journey of becoming a father and son.

Martian Child.

The movie itself didn't do much emotionally. It was suppose to be a sweet, soppy and touching movie but it didn't feel like it. The movie did have its moments here and there but it didn't go all the way. The movie felt lazy if that makes any sense. Its like every scene, the director got lazy halfway through and left a stagnant atmosphere of emotion.

It left me sort of emotionally confused and I couldn't pinpoint any highlights about the movie even if I tried hard to do so. Nothing to rave really.

So I say, meh if not disappointed to this movie.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Sam said...

Thank god someone watched Martian Child and steered me off. :P Now I can at least go watch The Mist without having to worry I missed out a good drama.

Not so dramatic after all ya? :P

Queer Ranter said...

Lucky you then. :(

Wasted my 8 bucks!

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