Meme Anyone?

Here I am in front of the computer all wrapped up in my comforter typing this post. Its an unusually cold night tonight. Must be the rain but I'm not complaining. I prefer cold to hot anytime.

Been ages since I last did a meme. Courtesy of Slender Faghag, she tagged me with this.

1. Beer: Beer gut!
2. McDonalds: Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and Fries!
3. Relationships: Sure is tough but rewarding.
4. Purple: Love it. I don't have any shirt of that colour yet though...
5. Power Rangers: Blue ranger. Billy was hawt back then.
6. Weed: Wanna smoke some bong?
7. Steroids: Never had them before.
8. Cartoons: The Pinky and The Brain!
9. The President: Weren't they a band?
10. Tupperware: Every housewives solution to food storage.
11. Florida: Sunny beach and toned hot guys!
12. Santa Claus: He's not real!?
13. Halloween: Sounds like a fun party!
14. Alice: Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole.
15. Grammar: Mind Your Language! Love that show. Still cracks me up watching it today.
16: MySpace: Don't have one. Don't see the fuss to get one either.
17. Clowns: IT, very scary...
18. Marriage: Definitely and there'll be a party with naked handsome waiters to boot!
19. Paris: Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.
20. Pussy: Ewwww!
21. Redheads: Never seen them in real life.
22. Blondes: They have some appeal, blonde hair and blue eyes.
23. Pass The: Dildo and lub.
24. One Night Stand: Haven't had them. Wonder what's it like...
25. Donald Trump: Can he be my sugar daddy?
26. Neverland: How I wish.
27. Dixie: Dixie Chicks!
28. Vanilla Ice Cream: As topping for puddings!
29. Hooters: They remind me of boobs... No thanks...
30. High School Musical: Zach Effron! Hawt hawt hawt!
31. Pajamas: Don't wear them. I prefer to sleep nude.
32. Woody: Every morning!
33. Wet Socks: Ewww...
35. Love: Love Actually. Lovely movie.

I shan't tag anyone in particular (just lazy to think who to tag...) but its open to anyone who's interested.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Anonymous said...

I slept nude last night! ^.^
It made me feel liberated.

Sam said...

I read that as: "I shall not SHAG anyone in particular (just to lazy to think who to SHAG) but..." :3

Queer Ranter said...

King Bitch: Hahahah. Sleep Nudist Unite! :P

Sam: The hack!? Why would I say that hmmm!?

chase / chubz said...

31. Pajamas: Don't wear them. I prefer to sleep nude.

yikes. your roomate would be very happy. hehehe

Queer Ranter said...

Chase: When he's around, I just wear my boxers to sleep. :P

Jason said...

Why don't tag??