Boys Will Be Boys

I can still hear the words "OMG, how old are you guys?!" ringing in my head as I typed this post. Slender Faghag said that incredulously when she caught my roomie and I red-handed. It was a Master Card moment. Her eyes were buldging like they were gonna pop out of the sockets and her jaw on the fringe of dislocating itself.

Yep, a sight to behold.

So what did my roomie and I do to warrant the "OMG, how old are you guys?!"?


I call it The Egg-O-Machine.

The Egg-O-Machine.

I absolutely love the Egg-O-Machine when I was a kid. The anticipation of what toy I'll get in the plastic egg. I used to go to the grocery shops almost everyday after school and try my luck. Those were the days.

Then yesterday, the same urge hit me when I saw the Egg-O-Machine. My fingers were twitching uncontrollably to slot in the coin and turn the knob. Turned the knob we did and got ourselves an egg each.

Oooo magic egg.

Its a stuffed thinggie!

Roomie got something adorable and I got something fugly (FUCKING UGLY), hence no photo of it here. I wanted a mini Gundam model...


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


-C said...

Ah, yet another relic of nostalgia from our distant childhoods destroyed by your rampant gaytheism.

Keep up the good work

Daniel Henry said...

omg. i have that. HAHAHA. mine's green. HAHAHA. what was the roomies?

Daniel Henry said...

... ops... what was YOURS... HAHAHAHA.

Ban said...


Jason said...

Although expensive, but I still prefer.... *ga-sha-pon* :D

Queer Ranter said...

C: Hehehehe. Scarred by my post are you?

Daniel: He got a pinkie one. I got a rubber thinggie...

Ban: I dunno... I want my Gundam... :(

Jason: Ga-sha-pon? What is that?!

Daniel Henry said...

yea can see the pinkness.
what rubber thingy. that doesn't explain much... LOLs. certainly ain't condoms. mmm... hair band rubber thingy? LOLs!!!

Queer Ranter said...

Daniel: Its a small rubber figurine from Full Metal Panic. Hamtaro look a like. :(

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

LOL. Thats soo cute.

We don't get stuff like that here.. we do get something similar but they come in see-through balls and you know approximately what you'll get.. ie. pokemon, disney, etc.. you just don't know what character you'll get.

William said...

Lucky that thing didn't jump at you and bite your face off.

Queer Ranter said...

Soul: Oh cool. That's interest. See if you can take a pic of it. I'd like to see them.

William: What?! Jump at me and bite my face off?!