Sexcapade I

*Warning. This entry is very very explicit. You have been warned.

Outing with Mc Dave was really interesting even though it was a short outing. I was soo tired with the busy two days outing with the merry men. We went to Bangsar Shopping Center for lunch cause I wanted to see his "Sis" and he had something to do there too. Here is the really interesting part. He's an optician student and he gave me an eye test. Heheheh. Never had eye tests on a date before. Huhuhhu. He said, he is going to make me a new pair of glasses as my birthday pressie. Soo sweet. Someway somehow, he got my IC Number. I have no freaking idea where or when he got it from... He claimed it was "DATA TRANSFER". Don't ask me WTF is that cause I have no idea... Maybe he's 007.

After that we headed home. When we arrived, my parents were away. Hehehe. Obviously we did something since I am the naughty one. :P We fondled, kissed passionately and hugged each other in my NEW BED~~~ I love my bed! But we didn't do much cause I didn't know when my parents were coming back. Didn't wanna get caught just yet.

My parents came back not long after we arrived. I introduced them to Mc Dave and they absolutely adored him. They were talking to him for soo long. Buggered if I know what they were talking about. He's like the perfect son. He speaks fluent Mandarin, tall, good looking, smart and courteous. My dad even requested him to help make him a new pair of glasses too. Hmmm. Is this some sort of a sign?

He practically became family immediately and do family things with us. Mom fed him lots of food since he doesn't really feed himself well. So mom took him under her wings and fed him like a new hatching. I do hope he put on a little flesh while he's here. Then again, I might just make him burn more calory than what my mom fed him... Hehehe.

We spent the rest of the night, well the time when my parents were still awake chatting and getting to know each other more. He even thought me some Chinese words of my Chinese class. Heheh. He kept teasing me about the way I write my characters, they can't stand cause they're unbalanced... Meanie! Couldn't do much really since we had to behave and he's the perfect son. :) Not just perfect son, my mom reffered him as "khor khor". Huhhuhu. Soo funny and ironic. "Khor khor" (Big bro.) and "Di di".(Small bro.)

After my parents went to sleep, "Khor khor" got a little more intimate with "Di di". We started of cuddling each other on my bed. Lots of tongue action involved, lips sucking, lips biting and our fingers explored around in search of hidden buttons. I got up and lit my lavender scented candle, turned off the lights and started to undressed each other. Guess what I found underneath his pants and in the midst of his thick jungle. A huge and fully engorged rod staring at me right in the face. I didn't hesitated to engulf it with my eager mouth. He moaned
and muscles in his body contracted with every flick of my tongue. I slowly moved my head upwards towards his chest, kissing him along the way and I licked his nipples profusely. That got him even more excited and he switched place with me and started to mimic what I did except that he rimmed me as well.

Then I whispered, "Do you want to do me?" and he replied by nodding. I took out my box of forbidden stuff and took out KY Jelly and a condom. He put it on, lubed me up and entered me. I felt a sharp pain cause he went in too fast and I have not had anyone in me before but slowly I got used to it. He was doing me like there was no tomorrow and finally he came in me. We switched place again and I face fucked him till I came then we kissed after that.

And that was day one or rather night one. Hehehe. Actually many "firsts" happened. It was my first being a bottom, it was my first doing it in my NEW BED and it was my first feeling really intimate with a guy.

P.S. Mc Dave was reading this entry while I was writing it. He encouraged it in fact. I feel so shy shy. :P Ya right.

-Live Long & Prosper


joshua said...


You're seriously having a joy'ride' with McDave. (pun so intended)

It's like having the bestest Chocolate Mudcake with Syrup and Triple Scoops of Ice-Cream.

There's goes your "cherry".

Or like the Taiwanese say it, "byebye little chrysanthemum"

ceusm said...

uhmnn another cherry blossom uhmnn.. here goes the disappearance of another virgin ass in da community ekekek

confusticated said...

no berries left, but not too bad a tradeoff, eh?

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus....