Breakfast With Azzuro

After eating the food I stocked up for a week, this morning Azzuro brought me out for a proper breakfast meal. Not that I'm displeased with my food. I love my cereals, bread, tuna, peanutbutter and milk but the breakfast was yummy! Nothing like grease and oil to satisfy one's hunger.

This morning's breakfast was in Menglembu morning market. I wasn't too sure what to have so I ordered what Azzuro ordered, Fried Kway Teow. This market is famous for this and the wait for our order was long. Many customers ordered from them too. Very popular. But it was worth the wait. It was really good.

Fried Kway Teow and Yellow Noodle.

Just look at the prawns. So fat and juicy. Very generous of them to give us four pieces of prawns. Mmmm it was fresh too, so the flesh was very springy. The prawns were just superb.

Fried Kway Teow.

I like my fried kway teow with cockles. Even the cockles were huge and they were literally oozing with cockle juice (that sounded wrong...)! Usually the fried kway teow I have, the egg would be all shredded but not this time. It was only partly shredded and the yoke was kept whole and semi raw. So the yoke was kinda oozy, just how I like my eggs. Sunny side up is the way to go.

We also ordered Chee Cheong Fun Ipoh style. Here they put many different sauces to add fragrant and flavour to the bland tasting chee cheong fun. Different sorts of chilly sauces, sesame oil and other sauces. Not forgetting the pickled green chillies. Delicious!

Chee Cheong Fun with Pork Skin.

To complete the chee cheong fun, we ordered it with pork rind cooked in curry on the side. I could live on this for the rest of my life. Yummy.

Now, wouldn't you say that was a stomach full and sinful breakfast?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Sam said...

Even the pork rind part had me salivating. Not that I'll actually order, but you know - the food DOES look good. :)

Mmmmm, you know - I'm craving for some... cockle juice right now. *wink*

Jason said...

That sounds salah, Sam :P

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I'm sorry to say this.. that is NOT a breakfast.. you should try something like cereal.

That is like dinner... I could never eat that for breakfast [SSD shudders]

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Naughty Sam!

Jason: I know! Horrible person.

SSD: I do eat cereal. Post cereals~~~ Love them.

Ah you've not seen how Asians eat then. This is nothing. This is baby food for us. We Asians eat 24/7 if we can. :)

Janvier said...

Great breakfast. But...cockle juice. :S

William said...

I'm allergic to err... si ham juice.