Think Of Me

Was chilling and recuperating at home the whole day today. Two days of drinking and clubbing is very tiring. So I was watching American Idol for the whole day. StarWorld was doing a American Idol season marathon which I totally loved. I've not been following the show ever since I got back to campus. Sad I know but that's the situation.

Then something hit me when it was Andrew Lloyd Webber's week.

I dedicate this song to both my exs, La Fashion Designer and McDave whom will forever stay in my heart.

Think of me
think of me fondly, when
we've said goodbye
remember me
once in a while, please
promise me you'll try

When you find,
that once again you long
to take your heart back,
and be free
if you ever find a moment,
spare a thought for me

We never said
our love was evergreen
or as unchanging as the sea...
but if you can still remember,
stop and think of me

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen,
don't think about the things
which might have been

Think of me
think of me waking, silent
and resigned...
imagine me, trying too hard to
put you from my mind...

Recall those days,
look back on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do...
there will never be a day when
I won't think of you

We never said
our love was evergreen
or as unchanging as the sea...
but please promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


[Q]-ben said...

it's a wonderful song.. meaningful too. but somehow, i prefer the movie version..haha.

ikanbilis said...

Gothicly she look scary.

Queer Ranter said...

QBen: I like this one better. More dramatic. :P

Ikanbilis: Yes she does! Hahahah.

Aronil said...

ah yes Sarah Brightman..... i never get tired of Phantom of the Opera haha :) still one of the greatest shows ever.

Queer Ranter said...

Aronil: I haven't watched~~~ I feel so left out. :(