Now that uni is almost complete (one more presentation to go), I am waiting for replies from companies which I have applied. So far, none has replied me. Sigh and I'm not the only one too. La Faghag and Slender Faghag too have not gotten any replies from anyone.

I wonder why...

I called up Dream Company I (DC I) just a few moments ago to find out what's the hold up. The guy vaguely remembers me but I do hope I made enough of a good impression for him to actually remember me. So I asked him what's the hold up and he told me he hasn't replied to any applicants from my uni, his mistake. I think he must have forgotten or something.

Thank goodness I called up to check. So I hope he remembers me better now and hope for the good news of a job opening or a second interview. I'll know in a few days he said. Arrrrgh. All this waiting is nerve wracking.

Meanwhile, this Sunday I'll find out my interview results with Not-Really-A-Dream-Company. Hmmm. Most likely I passed the interview. Its too difficult to fail... Though secretly I hope I did not pass it so that I'm scot free of the bond I have with them.

I'm counting on you DC I.

Daddy needs a high paying job for his high maintenance lifestyle.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ohkulala said...

i dont think you go scot free my dear. if you dont get thru, it means you didnt meet their "criteria". therefore, you'll be asked to pay back every sen for "not doing better". you just dont serve the 10 freaking years.

Ah-Bong said...

all the best!

Queer Ranter said...

Ohkulala: No harm in having wishful thinking eh? :P

AhBong: Thanks man. :)

Jason said...

Ooo... hope there will be a favorable reply.