Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

With such title for today's post, you can bet your arse Nuffnang is up to something again. Sure enough, its another contest for all Nuffnangers to participate and win big!

What is it this time?

40 winners will get to attend an eight course dinner in JW Marriott KL. The last time I was in JW Marriott for a function was six years ago for my high school graduation. Food was superb and the halls were really grand! Ah those were the days. After the dinner, premier of Made of Honour! Sounds like a fun night.


To participate, you've got to play a fishing game here and post a screenshot of the highest score with the title above. I'm suppose to be studying and not fishing! Sigh. Oh well.

So here's my high score.

Took me ages to get this bloody scores. Now let's see if this is enough to land me a pair of passes.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Hidden Me said...

Nice try buddy... :-)

Sam said...

You actually have the patience to play. :P I can't even tahan for a few minutes.

Queer Ranter said...

HiddenMe: Hehehe thanks. Will have to try more. I really wanna get this.

Sam: Yea I know. I'm amazed myself. :P

Crazy Sam said...

That's an awesome proposal indeed! I hope you win. All the best!