I'm Home Again

I'm home once again. Safe and sound. Oddly, not as tired as I thought I would be. I was quite pleased with my seat. I sat at three seater part of the bus. Its interesting. The first half of the bus is a four seater and the other half is a three seater (this is new to me considering that I've not sat in a bus in ages!). So it was nice with no one bothering me on the side. Though I wish that I had more leg room.

The trip however, felt like it took ages to reach KL. I think the bus was moving at 80 km/h unlike what I'm used to. La Faghag drives like a madman (kidding) at speeds of 120 km/h straight. That why we can arrive in about three hours. The bus took four hours to reach!

Didn't do much while I was on the bus. Four hours of semi boredom, semi awake state, semi reading, listening to my PSP and full time staring at the moon and the landscape. I love traveling in the night. Staring out of the bus looking at lights of buildings beyond the trees along the highway that are otherwise hidden in the day time.

Looking at the moon gives some sort of mystic and tranquil feeling. I remember a saying, something like, "When I think of you, I look at the moon hoping that you too will look at the moon when you think of me.". Well if anyone know the correct version, do tell me.

Carl Hiaasen - Basket Case

Oh and I'm reading a new book that La Faghag passed me. Carl Hiaasen - Basket Case. One word to describe this book. HILARIOUS! After reading a few pages of it, I'm a fan of his work. Its about his basket case of a journalist trying to make his big break and pull himself out of the dump position of writing obituary column when writing the obituary for a sudden suspicious death of a superstar. Very interesting and very funny. I think I might just get his other books using the Borders Gift Card.

I'm so glad my reading habit has picked up pace. The amount of good books I was missing while I was on a reading break. I love love love reading good books. Spend countless hours reading and reading. Hmmm...

Well its good to be back home again. I really like my apartment, though it could use tonnes of renovating before it becomes my perfect home. I'm already dreaming of the perfect room. I'll blog that out in the future. I can't wait to get started with my room. Now all I need is money and many trips down to IKEA. Heheheh.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


savante said...

Ooh home decorating! Call us - meaning Adik and me.

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: Hahahha. Adik will help me coordinate and you help pay? :P