Season Finale

As my uni days are coming to a close, so are some of the tv series. It is sad but 'tis the season for season finales. Guess I'll just have to hang on to my seat and wait for the next season to come.

You know you love me.

My absolute favourite Gossip Girl aired its season finale at episode 18. It has been an emotional rollercoaster watching this series. You'll hear me scream "OMG~~~" with my hands clasp to my mouth or eye popping out with a resounding "No F-ing Way..." escaping my mouth. I think you'll be more amused watching me watch Gossip Girl with all those dramatic expressions. Yes, I'm such a drama queen and I am a sucker for drama.

I still love my Chuck Bass. He's so hawt even though he's such a player and gets all the girl. But when he's nice, oh I swear, my knees go weak. Even the name is so hawt~~~

Another character that I'm coming to love is Blair Waldorf. This Satan Spawn of a Mean Girl has a kinder side to her. She's a total bitch to those she care to little to get to know and especially bitchy to her rivals. However, if you're her friend, she goes through great length to help.

What are you desperate For?

My all time favourite Desperate Housewives also has come to a season end as well. This time they ended it with a heart warming, everything is rosey in Wisteria Lane even though it was very dramatic towards the end. They did a Lost flash forward portraying the lives of the wives 5 years in the future and there's a big surprise, Gale Harold is joining in the cast for the next season.

I will spank your bottom if you don't know who is Gale Harold.

This is him.

Gale Harold.

Its Brian Kinney from Queer As Folk (QAF). He is going to be someone's new husband it seems. Hmmm. This will take some time to adjust to him kissing woman now... He was so good in QAF. Gave me tonnes of wet dreams. Hmmm...

American Idol.

Behold America! You have chosen your new American Idol! The battle of the Davids has finally come to a conclusion. This is your new American Idol. David Cook! Won by 12 million votes more than David Archuleta.

David Cook.

Congrats to you David Cook. You'll make a superb idol.

My favourite has always been David Archuleta but David Cook has more stage presence and better showmanship than David Archuleta. Well the people have chosen. Now let's see what David Cook's album will be like. Listening to him sing Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby still gives me the chills.

That's it folks. Till next season.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Haha.. Gale Harold!
I miss my Desperate Housewives.

Queers United said...

i was rooting for the other david

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Yep. Him~~~ :P

QueersUnited: He's good too no doubt but inexperienced when it comes to performing. I'm pretty sure someone has already handed him a contract.