Craving, Yet Again

Yes, the pregnant me with all those weird cravings are acting up again... Seriously, sometimes I feel I'm more pregnant than a pregnant woman going through her third trimester. Minus the heartburn radiating to my kneecaps (I've got to stop watching Juno!) or nauseating morning sickness.

So here's my latest craving Néstle Milo Chocolate Malt! Yummy! I know, I know. Usually people crave for something less common than this but I didn't have Milo in my room and I wanted some. Ergo through my infallible illogical logical deductions, it becomes a craving.

Don't argue with a pseudo pregnant queer.

Scoundrel Rat rat and his little grey friend accomplice attempting to steal my precious Milo!

The thing I like about Milo is, there are many ways of preparing it. You can have it with just Milo, hot, cold or mix it with something else. Something so simple yet versatile and divine to drink.

Usually, Milo is mixed with condensed milk (they are very generous when it comes to condensed milk...) and hot water. Ice is optional if you want it cold. This is nice but I hate it cause its too bloody sweet! Enough to give you diabetes with a sip.

If you feel like having something chocolate yet also want something with coffee, you can order Neslo! Nescafé and Milo. Two in one! It is yummy too. Just enough coffee for the flavour but not enough to keep me up the whole night. This is a lovely combo.

I like mine as they call it here in mamak, "Milo 'O' Kau" (Milo without condensed milk and strong). Though I prefer to make it myself. I half a cup Milo and add hot water. Super concentrated chocolate malt. Yum! My small packet of Milo is going to run out within a week!

Do you Milo?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


-C said...

milo with milk.

Kit said...

i love it. i once saw a pack that was imported from kenya. tastes different.

oh yes it is marvelous what milo can do for you. get a tin (and not a pack) and make it a big tin today.

Jason said...

All these weird cravings...
Crave for something more expensive lah :p

Ah-Bong said...

i had milo ice blended at wangsa maju. i think. near the zoo place. LA LA LA

my first in soooooo many months. as long as i remembered. have been sipping teh 'o' ice all these while

Queer Ranter said...

C: You never did make me a cup of Milo before...

Kit: I should have gotten a 2 kg tin shouldn't I? Oh well. :P

Jason: Wakakkaka. Now that Big Apple Donuts is here.


Bong: Wah! Travelled so far for mamak?!

Silentside said...

I agree with you! Milo is so versatile that you can use it on anything... Wait... you can use it on anyone... Yup. Now it sounds right.

Ohkulala said...

I declare myself the milo queen. while everyone i know (that includes you) succumb to cereal (bah!), i have drunk milo all my life, every day. mile + hot water + low fat milk = yummylicious. as good as the ones that comes in the milo van.

hehe.... now that's a b***hy one coming up. just up for bein blardy perasan today. you happen to be the poor victim of my comment. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Silentside: Oh my. Aren't you the kinky one you naughty boy.

*spank :P

Ohkulala: *dot dot dot

Did you drink coffee again?!

East-West said...

The best MILO is the MILO from Australia!

Rich, thick, creamy and malty! YUMMY!

Queer Ranter said...

East-West: Is it now? Maybe I should get my friends to buy me a packet from Aussie then. :)