Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

This party animal is itching to go partying again and it just so happen that Nuffnang is throwing one, again! Read it here. So very exciting and they sure know how to throw a party. Animal theme eh? How apt. I feel right at home already.

Now let's get to business scoring myself and Queer Ranter a pair of passes for it.

I bet Queer Ranter will choose me as the animal to get those passes but pity he's being a three-toed sloth lazy bum. So I am writing this post. I believe you guys call it guest blogging. So today, I am your guest blogger. Lets see what damage I can do in his blog eh? Heheeh.

Who am I? I'll leave you some clues.

I am furry.
I am famous and was in a few Hollywood movies.
I walk on all four of my paws.
I have appeared in this blog countless times.
I am a nocturnal creature but I sleep round the clock.
I was adopted by Queer Ranter three years ago.
I have a twin and he's with McDave.

That should be enough to reveal my identity.

That's me on the silverscreen with dyed fur.

I am none other than Rat Rat of course!

So why should I win those passes? Its obvious. I'm a party animal like Queer Ranter too except I don't drink. I leave the drinking to him. He can't "groove" if he's got no alcohol in his blood. I can "groove" anywhere at anytime. See me roar on the dancefloor.

I love attending parties and to be seen. Popular figure like me, its mandatory to be seen in the most happening and chic parties.

Nuff said. Send those passes this way please. I'm itching for a party.

You know you love me.
Rat Rat


Sam said...

Pfftt~~ Rat Rat is an alcoholic in denial. :P

Jason said...

Err... just like this and they'll send the passes over?

Legolas said...

I will not comment because I don't want to satisfy the appetite of the comment-whore.

Robb said...

well, it's more like a reservation list. to get your name in it, you'll have to do this post. haha

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: I think he is! Hahahhaah.

Jason: Perhaps. Lets hope so~~~ :P

Legolas: Awww. Nice of you to drop by Leggs. :)

Robb: Did I get it? Did I get it~~~ :P

Ban said...

Yays, Rat rat deserves to go to the party!...with me. After the passes are given to moi. :D

Crazy Sam said...

Wow! Very creatively done! I hope you get those passes.

Queer Ranter said...

Ban: Kaakakaka.

CrazySam: Thanks Sam. I'm sure Rat Rat will appreciate it. :P

imbloggerash said...

nice idea ... but are you going to dress up like a rat ??? mayB you can win the grand price ..

-C said...

Rats, he's got rodents on the brain again. (gets pump)

Queer Ranter said...

Imbloggerash: Hehehehe. A rat costume? I'd look like Mickey Mouse. :P

C: What!?