Cupcake Chic

I can't remember the last time I had good cupcakes or did I? Oh no, my memory is failing me yet again... But I distinctively remember the lovely icing... Or was that the awfully delicious and sinful butter cake... Arrrgh.

There's a place in The Curve (its outside and facing IKANO) called Cupcake Chic. They claimed to be the first shop specialising in cupcakes in Malaysia. I wonder if that's true. Anyhow, it caught my attention. I love the name of place and the signage is just oh so chic!

Absolutely love the signage!

Entering the place, there's huge ass cupcake menu billboard. Everyday they will bake different sort of cupcakes and they have a huge list of cupcakes too. Besides the billboard, the rows of colourful cupcakes displayed behind a glass panels greets the customers. All decorated with different colour of icing and sparse decorations.

One of the many rows of cupcakes.

I have to agree with La Faghag. The cupcakes were very Spartan on the decorations... Its too plain, bla and not fabulously laced with shiny sugar beads or rice chocolates. I like my cupcakes pretty with decorations.

Oh so very chic box.

Rum and Raisin and Chi cupcake.

I love the box they gave us to pack the cupcakes. Very posh looking and chic just like the name. Comes in two sizes, the two and the six. It locks the cupcakes in place so it won't end up like a mush of icings with some dough here and there when it gets tossed around.

La Faghag, Sam, Ban and me decided to just buy a few to give it a try. Sam and Ban tried the Chi while La Faghag and I tried Rum and Raisin. Its real rum too! I was surprised and estatic about the whole real rum thing.

The Chi was a little weird at first but the after taste was nice. It was confusing at first cause it's sweet and spicy with spice like a western version of Payasam on a cupcake.

I didn't like the Rum and Raisin. It was way too sweet for my liking. So that was that, unfortunately...

The dough for the cupcake was moist and soft. I don't like those dry and hard ones. It's got a nice buttery flavour to it too, not overwhelming but just nice.

Rum and Raisin.

I shall reserved my judgement of this place for later after I've tried their other flavours. Rum and Raisin is definitely out for me. But do give the place a try. Never judge something until you've tried it.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ban said...

The cupcakes were mostly about the icing - nothing special about the actual cake itself. The icing is sweet but very men-jelak-kan. >.<

Queer Ranter said...

Ban: True to that. But we need to try the other flavours and see if it really is all extremely sweet.

Jason said...

The green tea is quite ok although still a lil' sweet for me.

Anonymous said...

they totally ripped off the design of the dots from Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA. i just read an article about them trying to set a standard for themselves. what standard? as overpriced copy cats?

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Yea sweet.


Anonymous: *gasp

First Donuts and now this!?

*tsk tsk tsk