Craving For A New Toy

It seems that my gaming cycle has taken the form of my reading cycle. One moment I can't seem to put down the book I'm reading, the next moment I can't seem to pick up a book. The period of these cycles are several months apart.

Few months back, I totally stopped gaming after a few years of being an avid gamer. Now it seems, I have the urge to play console games, PSP (Play Station Protable) games to be specific. To play it, I need a PSP!

It was the same food crawl with Jason Jr that the PSP caught my attention (a pink PSP caught my attention to be specific). I grew curious about it and started googling and bombarded my friend who owns one. I want a PSP!

White PSP.

I love the huge screen it has and its uber light! Only 180 grams. I remember those days that I used to own a Gameboy. That thing weights a brick and can potentially kill a dog. I like the feel of the PSP too. Slim, smooth, sturdy and light.

Pink PSP.

With the new PSP Slim and Light, it comes with many colours too including my favourite colours pink and purple. Though I wouldn't get those, I like my console to look cool and black is the way to go or unless someone intentionally get me a pink PSP, I have no qualms about it. I'll add on some bling bling and pink feather boas too.

Besides looking slick, the PSP has great games to back it up. I was browsing the 2006 E3 games of the year for PSP and I am ecstatic about playing them! Games like Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and Daxter are just some of the games of 2006 I wanna get my hands on when I get my PSP. I wonder what games they have this year.

Check out the videos of the games.

PSP sure is something. It plays games, MP3s and movies. Just what I want, a portable entertainment media center. Its got WIFI to engage in multiplayer and surfing the net plus connectivity to TV! Neat eh?

I gotta get my hands on PSP!

-Live Long & Prosper


Silentside said...

Yay! Do get a PSP! Then I have another friend who can play PSP games with me! Get Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions!

Jason said...

Take the Astro Bid Challenge. They're giving PSP this week :P

William said...

Have you been naughty or nice?

jase said...

get PSP for what!? Waste money only. PSP will not last that long la. Later 2 years down the road come out one new PSP2 then how?!

THen you spend again..

Just like PS2! Now got PS3 adi liao! Dun waste money la ah boy!

Queer Ranter said...

Silentside: Heheheh. Sure thing.

Jason: Not-really-free PSP. Woot woot!

Jase: Same thing can be said with other electronic gadgets. This is no different.

David the Man said...

I think what QR and Jase said are correct. Gadgets seem to be always on the edge of the latest technology and newer ones are always out every year or so, even months, you know! Old ones get obsolete fast at that trend. I myself have worked in this electronic and IC design industry for almost 3 years now, dealing with customers like Sony, Clarion, Pioneer, etc, so I know how the trend is like. So, wait and see la till the prices of the older version ones drop, then you will begin to see new ones surfacing, and I am sure most of you will want the latest, newer ones, and start splurging again. Hehehe... that sort of demands make me and my fellow electronic engineers a little richer. More money into our pockets, man!

coolgardy said...

I also wanttttt!!! Anyone got lobang to get it cheaper?

Queer Ranter said...

David: Without the engineers, there's no gadgets. Without the consumers, there's no market for the gadgets.

Coolgardy: My lubang want ah? :P Hehehhehe.

Jason said...

Aiyer... *smacks QR

Well, it's not free but at least it's cheaper.