The Underground

I love watching plays. Any play will do, so long as they are engaging or entertaining. I'd like to frequent to more plays but since I study in Notroh Woods, its too far for me just to travel down to KL for the plays.

I just got back from a play directed by Nakedwriter and a girl I knew back when I was helping out in The Breakfast Club. The play was very interesting, different, fresh and unique. The aim of the play was to disturb comfort zones and confront stereotypes about theater, life and people which they did, splendidly.

The play consists of several skits but revolve around the theme of theater, life and people. My favourite was Two, Two. One solo act and three pairs (hetero relationship, guy-guy relationship and girl-girl relationship) acts.

The solo act was powerful in the sense that it displays how life's a stage and how people always wear a mask of a sort. A line from the act that's etched in my brain right now is, "My next act is up and so is yours". That's kinda scary and in-your-face truth of life.

The three pairs acts were brilliant too. I think Nakedwriter really captured the emotions that were involved when two people commit themselves in a relationship but the relationship starts to fall apart. It did remind me of the break off that I had with McDave but from a different perspective. An outsider's view of the situation.

You and your crew did a wonderful job, Nakedwriter. Bravo.

-Live Long & Prosper


chase said...

i also love plays.. or anything in in the arts.. i wish my fine city would produce such enjoyable events.

Queer Ranter said...

Chase: I'm sure they will sooner or later. :)

nakedwriter said...

Omg Frankie!! This is soooo shweeeet...

Heheh. Actually, and I know a lot of people misconstrued, Two Two did not include the monologue. The monologue was supposed to be something unscripted - an audience member standing up to act - and the reason the program mentioned 7 characters was because there was an extra character ever present on stage but never seen. :)

Queer Ranter said...

Nakedwriter: I thought so. Huhuhhu. Never the less, it was brilliant!