Food Crawl

What do I do when the Ipoh boy is in town for a weekend trip? I force him into submission and rape him of course! Who can resist the ever-so-nice-smelling-and-adorable-looking Jason Jr? Heheh. Just kidding. We do what food lovers do, food crawl around Ipoh!

Ever since William posted on how huge and heavy Cockman's eggtarts were (the name of the street is so wrong), I had to try it myself. Jason Jr was kind enough to buy them for me before they get sold out. They were really heavy and huge but more importantly delicious even though it was cold by the time I ate them. I'll have to have a second round of tasting while the eggtarts are hot.

The famous Cockman tarts.

First stop of our food crawl was a coffee shop for brunch that is famous for their popiah and pork satay. That's what was claim but I find their kai si hor fun was more delicious compared to the two. The soup made it unique.

First stop of the food crawl.

Kai si hor fun.

The popiah was so-so. Had better popiah like the ones I had in Wooley. Nothing to rave about.


The pork satay was so-so too. It wasn't crispy enough and oddly, it didn't taste porky enough. It tasted like chicken. The peanut saucy wasn't thick and nutty as I like it. At least I've tasted pork satay right?

Pork satay.

We skipped lunch and had ice cream for tea at a place called Crazy Ice Cream. This place used to be famous for their pretty looking waitress. Pity I'm not into girls. I wonder why they didn't hire pretty boys too? Haven't they heard about diversity?

The ice cream was ok. Nothing to rave about here either. What I enjoyed most is the company. Its always the company that makes an outing a good one.

Banana split anyone?

Triple scoop sundae.

Our food crawl didn't just end here. Dinner will be posted in the next post. This is what makes Ipoh famous.

Any guesses?

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

Wah. So you got to taste Jason Jr's huge and heavy eggtarts both when they were cold and hot, but the popiah/satay was only so-so and tasted like chicken???

Juk juk juk.

jason said...


We shall taste yours next time.

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Oh my. I should have done that haven't I? :P

Jason: There there. No need to get excited over Janvier now. :P

Jason said...


jase said...

that place.. the popiah is special but the "kai si hor fun" used to be famous.. so was the satay.. now is no longer that good.

According to other people, the "kai si hor fun" next door to the place you went to is supposedly better. Go try that instead.

And as for the satay. I suggest never eat it anymore.

It is gross and dirty and the old man who sells it is not as pleasent as he used to be 10 years ago.. then again.. i think that was his dad..

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Hahahah.

Jase: Oh yea its kai si hor fun. How lovely to have someone correcting me all the way...