Yet Another Food Post

Calvin was right when he said my blog is turning into a food blog cause I have another food post to write about. Previously, it was the aunty from Pink Shop that invited us for a dinner gathering but last night was dinner with the Pink Shop owner. He took us out for seafood!

This place is called 龙城 (long cheng means imperial/dragon city). Fancy name for a restaurant but the food is as grand as the name. This little place is located at Tanjung Tualang and apparently quite famous. Customers, all the way from Singapore flock to this place.

Long Cheng Restaurant.

Even on a weekday, this place was jammed packed with people. Mind you, this place is very isolated, even more isolated than my campus.

Torrents of families come here.

First dish, fish head curry. Not your Indian curry but Chinese curry. Very distinct in the taste. This is one of the best fish head curry ever! Its something with the spices that they use and just the right amount of coconut milk that makes this curry so lovely yet not too rich. The fish was so tender and fresh. The flesh just fell off the bones!

Fish head curry.

Next came the vegetable. They call it Yau Mak but I have no idea what's it called in English plus I've never seen this vegetable before until today. Or maybe I have but never took notice of it. I can't comment much on it except it's delicious. I have no idea how they cooked it either. It just tasted lovely.

Yau Mak.

Ever had soft shell crab California rolls or just soft shell crab from Sushi King? I love those especially the crunchy bits of the crabs. But after eating the soft shell crab from this place, I felt cheated by Sushi King. Sushi King's soft shell crab SUCKS! This one was huge and extra crispy throughout! Comes with a lovely sweet and sour sauce. Every crunch was a satisfying one.

Fried soft shell crabs.

Then came a chicken dish. I'm really bad with names let alone Chinese names, so I don't know what this chicken is called in Chinese. I do know what's it called in English though, Emporer's Chicken. Steamed chicken with assorted herbs and rice wine. DELICIOUS! I like the texture of the meat because it is not those commercially bred type of chicken, they're locally bred.

Emporer's Chicken.

The highlight of the meal for me, fresh water prawns. They were huge ass prawns (bigger than my thumb and toe come to think of it), almost the size of half a baby lobster and costed about five bucks EACH! Cooked in a lovely sweet sauce that's just divine with every lick. I practically licked every shell clean before tossing them aside. This is the true finger licking good experience.

Fresh water prawns (cooked).

Typical Chinese restaurant to have a mini zoo or a mini aquarium at the entrance of the restaurant for customers to choose from.

Fresh water prawns (alive).

Before calling it a night, we went off to a coffee shop in another town for white coffee. This guy really knows where to find the best stuff in town or in this case, towns. This white coffee puts OldTown White Coffee's white coffee (and possibly Starbucks and Coffee Beans' coffee) to shame.

This white coffee was the bomb and we were told this wasn't even the "special" one. I wonder what the "special" white coffee tastes like. It costs six bucks so it better be good.

Delicious white coffee.

As the Chinese saying goes, "we live to eat". I love my food.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Wah... you can be flogger lah!

SOLOACT said...

ooohhh..the prawn!and with the great pic u took, nampak amat menyelerakan :)

Ah-Bong said...

hahaha... flogger

David the Man said...

Well, I live to eat and eat to live... both at the same time... LOL...

P.S. Sorry there was a typo mistake in my previous comment post. I mistyped: "I live to eat and live to eat". Yeah... we live to eat all the time... hehehe... if we all follow what the Chinese saying says. I am so hungry now...

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Hahah. I could but lazy la to maintain two blogs.

Soloact: They are as every bit delicious. Fat ass prawns!

Bong: Want me to flog you?


David: Hahahha. We eat everything with its with four legs on the ground and back facing the sun. :P

Cellobella said...

So if you do the 8 things meme - maybe you should do 8 favourite foods as well! :) Those prawns should be there!

Queer Ranter said...

Cellobella: Ah great idea! I think I shall do that!. :)

jase said...


And you order only one prawn dish ?:!?!? AiYORRRR!!

Eat 2 dishes ma!

Queer Ranter said...

Jase: You siao ah two prawn dishes?! One prawn costs 5 bucks!

Ryan said...

Where's that place?! Tanjung Tualang? Never heard of that place. But those food really nice to see. Should be tasty according to your post.

Hmm... where can we get such food in KL?!

Alex said...

Macam pernah pergi...

coolgardy said...

I wanna go too...but how to get there? Any map?

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Oh the food was GREAT! Tanjung Tualang is in Perak and dem isolated...

Alex: I bet you would have been.

Coolgardy: Maybe I shall upload the map to this place next post then.

Jason said...

See, you're starting to behaving like a flogger oredi :P

Ryan, follow me if you wanna get good food in KL wahahha....

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: *gasp! Noooo.

Bring me along too for food outing. I don't mind orgies too. :P