A Feast To Remember

For the first time in my life, I ate in Overseas Restaurant. I've heard so much about the food there but never ate there before. Partly because its so freaking expensive to even order a dish. Its not Chinese fine dining but the food was awesome!

A bunch of us was invited by our club advisor to his second son's full moon celebration. It was almost like a wedding dinner. His first son's full moon was held in Indulgence. Imagine that, such lavish celebration.

Its has been ages since I had red hard boiled egg. A Chinese custom for birthday celebrations to have these eggs. There're just normal eggs with red dye on them. Guess these eggs brought back old memories of birthday celebrations.

Red hard boiled egg with pickled ginger.

I was shocked when the first dish came our was 'Yee Sang'. I thought they only served this for weddings and Chinese New Years. I can honestly say, this place serves the best 'Yee Shang' I've ever eaten. No one flavour in this dish was overwhelming. It was all just nice, perfect blend. I could taste every single ingredient that they put in the dish.

Yee Sang.

The granduer of this dinner dawned on me when the next dish came. Shark fin soup! Not those cheap shark fin soup. This is the real deal! Generous amounts of shark fin, scallops, herbs and other ingredients. I still can't believe all this is to celebrate a one month year old kid!

Yummy yummy shark fin soup.

By all accounts, the next dish is a simple one. Crispy roast chicken. Normal stuff nothing fancy. The things that set this roast chicken apart are the plum sauce and extra crispy skin. The satisfying crunch of the skin and the sweet and sour flavour of the plum sauce. Yummy.

Roast Chicken with Plum Sauce.

I honestly never seen restaurants that served just boiled prawns with no sauce or anything on it. Just plain old boiled prawns. Though nothing about these prawns are ordinary. I don't know what prawns were these but they are the best prawns ever! So juicy, full of flavour, fresh and deliciously chewy.

Yummy chewy prawns.

I love my mushroom a lot. Any edible fungus, I love! So naturally when I saw the next dish, I was ecstatic. Mushroom cooked with gingo, dried oysters, Chinese cabbage and chicken feet. The combination is just heavently. The mushrooms and dried oysters were huge! They were of top notch quality ingredients.

Delicious mushrooms.

This place continues to amazed me with the food they serve. Fried noodle that they served look just like any other fried noodle. I wasn't keen to try it at first since I was stuffed with all those yummy dishes. I had one bite instead and it was anything but common fried noodle. Its was amazing! Handmade noodles are the best!

Fried noodle.

Then came dessert. Seaweed cooked with six different sort of beans. I absolutely love it. Again, like the Yee Sang, I could taste every single beans. Perfect blend of flavours. Even though I was stuffed, I kept helping myself with more.

Lovely six beans with seaweed dessert.

The night didn't end just yet. After dinner, my club advisor brought us to drink Snow Beer. It is beer that has been cooled under subzero condition. I like! Some beer and bunch of friends. Perfect ending for the night.

Super chilled beer.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

holy mama... shark fin!!! can i have tat, u guys can take the rest.. i just want the shark fin soup... whahahaha

wat is ur club advisor a millionaire or something?

Ryan said...

my oh my, it does look tasty!

Janvier said...

Twice now we missed tasting snow beer with our stags. That does it, Friday night we're cutting our gaming meetup short so we can join them for snow beer.

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Hehehe. Of course you want the shark fin. :P

He's comfortable with his income. :)

Ryan: Yes it does!

Janvier: *gasp!

Kaki botol haven't had snow beer?!

Jason said...

His club advisor is one rich professional lar. :P

I wonder how his sons look like :P