Nga Choi Kai

I am ashame to say that for all the years that I've studied here, I've not eaten the famous Ipoh Nga Choi Kai (literal translation bean sprout chicken). I've been dying to try it out but there never seem to be an opportunity to until yesterday.

Ipoh Nga Choi Kai lived up to its reputation for Ipoh signature dish. It is so famous that the place is always packed with people from all over Malaysia and even Singaporeans too. This place is one of the two shops that sell nga choi kai in the area. Another shop which is located nearby is also packed with people.

The famous shop for nga choi kai.

Just look at the crowd!

See the sign saying the most famous in IPOH.

Who would have thought that a simple mixture of sesame oil and soy sauce would make a simple dish of boiled chicken and poached bean sprout into such delicious dish. I love the chicken cause its so juicy and tender. The bean sprout is poached just nice as to not overcook it and gives a satisfying crunch.

Here's the steamed chicken.

Here's the bean sprout.

I love the ho fun that they used, smooth and soft. The soup was similar to the one that I had during lunch. The combination of the three was so yummy. So nice that I kinda polished the plates clean of their contents. Hehehe.

Hor fun served in soup.

Ipoh nga choi kai, a must try when visiting Ipoh.

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David the Man said...

Wah... looks so delicious! I think I will "eat" your blog liao... I am so hungry now!

William said...

I find that the price of a simple plate of beansprouts is soooo obscene...

Queer Ranter said...

David: Spare my blog la... Its not nga choi kai.

William: It was rather cheap when Jason and I ate. The whole thing costed RM9.

[Q]-ben said...

gosh, i miss the ipoh bean-sprouts and chicken. pity that the ones in penang are not that good...

coolgardy said...

QR: when u will organize a jalan jalan cari makan in IPOH? I Love your taugeh so stubby and compared to ours here, its all long and skinny!**sigh**

Oh, there is also that coffeshop in old town that sells the pork satay in the mornings, yes?

Queer Ranter said...

Q: Something you can only get it in certain places hence the name Ipoh Nga Choi Kai. :)

Coolgardy: Hahahah. Well not me cause I can't find my way in Ipoh. Get someone from Ipoh. There's quite a number of Ipoh Mali boys in the blogger world.

Jason said...

If we order the chicken for 2 pax, then it'll costs more :)

jase said...

for your information it is:


Not steam chicken and poached bean sprout.

Because the chicken is actually dipped in boiling hot water for several minutes. That's how you get the yummy and fat tasting chicken broth that becomes the soup for the noodles!

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Still alright I guess. It was nice.

Jase: Oh you're back in the blog world. How nice...

I guess Ipoh boy knows better then.