Inspector Gadget

Another meme to fill up my blog post. Seeing that I have my first exam paper tomorrow, I've been locking myself in my room studying/chatting/surfing/GT-ing. Hence, the lack of interesting happenings.

Meme time!

What's the latest gadget you bought?
Sony Ericsson k800i. Which was early of this year... That's sad. I want more gadget!

What's the first gadget you own?
My computer. I want to upgrade my computer... I want a widescreen for my little baby.

What's the most expensive gadget you own?
My computer.

What's the gadget you want to buy next?
I haven't decided yet.

Do you follow the updates of the latest gadgets in the market?
Not anymore. Don't know why. Guess my gadget list got superseded by fashion and kinky underwear.

What brand do you trust for handphone, camera, computer?
Handphone: Sony Ericsson
Camera: Olympus
Computer: My own specifications

Now tag 5 bloggers to do this meme.
The lucky ones are McDave, C, Janvier, Samantha & William.

-Live Long & Prosper


David the Man said...

You like meme hor? Go and do your meme now! Just joking dear... anyway, just take your own sweet time to do it la... don't stress yourself, ok? No hurry one...

David the Man said...

Errr... why you always tag McDave and Janvier ar? You got no one else to tag ar? So many bloggers out there you don't want to tag...

Aryaduta said...

Are you sure you aren't doing anything "else" while locked away in your room? With all that privacy, I'm sure you're doing things other than studying! ;-)

Queer Ranter said...

David: I will. McDave cause he's my BF and Janvier just for fun.

Aryaduta: Hahhahaha. Well you know, boys. :P