Polish Your Balls, We're Going Bowling

When there's no movie to watch and nothing to do in Ipoh, we go BOWLING! Its so pathetic that Ipoh is not showing Stardust... Don't people here know a good movie when they see one?!

Anyhow, bowling was super fun. It has been few years since I last bowled and it was hilarious when all the balls started to roll into the drain. Constantly rolling into the drain. But it was good fun.

It got really hilarious when Twin Faghag accidentally tossed the bowling ball backwards causing a ruckus amongst us and the people we shared the console with. Then we started making jokes about insurance and head injuries.

Random bowling alley shot.

My score totally sucked. First game was 87 and it went downhill with the second game with the score of 79. Totally sucked man...

After two rounds, my right arm started to sore. Had to cycle between ball 10 and 9.

Game I.

Game II.

Random shot of me.

There was a guy bowling the next lane who has super nice hair! His hair was so straight yet so soft, so bouncy and so lively! He's got long hair that covers the side of his face. Pity we couldn't get a clear photo of him. Makes me wanna stroke his hair! The rest of him was bla though.

-Live Long & Prosper


David the Man said...

It happened to me too; I once swung my arm backwards so hard that I accidentally tossed the heavy ball backwards, so the ball went rolling behind me. It was a total embarassment for me and all of us had a good laugh at that. Muahahaha...

Queer Ranter said...

David: Hahahha. Well its good fun.