Good Happiness

This blog is seriously turning into a food blog... Then I'll be known as a FLOGGER! Such kinky title for an innocent and pure blogger like me. Hahahha. I wish that was true but yea. I don't mind doing part-time flogging (in every sense of the word).

So today's food joint, Good Happiness in Low Yat Plaza. Been there several times last year but I guess I wasn't that into food posts and all. Nothing fancy about this place though.

Cute menu cover.

So Jason Jr and I went to try this place out after PSP survey, which I shall blog later about it. We heard the Pumpkin Fried Rice was nice so why not try it out.

There's something about Chinese food joints that makes me order "Ying Yong" (coffee and tea) constantly. Maybe I'm just addicted to it I guess. Though, Kim Gary's serve better "Ying Yong".

Ribena and "Ying Yong".

Jason Jr ordered the Golden Fried Rice while I decided to try the Pumpkin Fried Rice. The service was alright and we didn't have to wait long for the food to arrive.

It was, well its fried rice, I can't say much about it. I was hoping that my rice would be bursting with pumkin flavour but it seems that all they did was dug a hole in the pumkin and put in plain-ish fried rice. Rather soggy and wet too. So I wasn't happy about that. The fried rice reminded me of campus food and that's NOT a good sign.

Golden fried rice.

Pumpkin fried rice.

One thing nice that came with Jason Jr's rice was the sambal. It's deliciously spicy-ish, crunchy and salty-ish. Very nice. Reminds me of the sambal that they use to eat with curry noodle back in Melaka.

I think their other rice dishes are better. Their nissin noodles are nice too if I recall correctly.


I've decided to come up with some sort of rating system for my food posts. I think I should. So here are the catagories and each catagory is rated from 0 (really bad) to 10 (excellent).

Food: 3

Not really happy with the food that I ordered... Too plain, soggy and bla.

Price: 7

The pricing for this place is actually alright. Rather reasonable if you order the right stuff.

Service: 3

Nothing to rave about here either. Very robotic, no smile and not much interaction. Puts the menu, zooms off, come back, take down order and zooms off again.

Ambience: 3

It interior design is rather spartan with the exception of nice lights hanging down the ceiling. I just don't feel what this place is trying to pull off.

Cute Waiters: 0

None to speak of what so ever...

Total Score: 4/10

I wouldn't really recommend this place. If you want something like this, Kim Gary is better.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Wakkakaka... such efficient rating system. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: You thought me what. :P

You turned me into a flogger!