Ipoh Mali

Busy busy day today though I didn't get any of my project work done. It was purely fun outing and shopping for birthday presents. Three birthdays last month. Not including the birthdays celebrated in KL.

The whole of today's plans were tossed upsidedown. First, we wanted to get the famous Cockman eggtarts but it was closed... Then we wanted to have dim sum but that closed too...

Finally, flogger Jason guided us the way to another dim sum which, in my opinion was way better than the place that we wanted to go. So thanks flogger Jason for flogging me. The place is called Ming Court.

Yummy yummy dim sum.

Little did we know that the place that we parked was illegal and got a summon for that... Stupid bugger... It wasn't obstructing traffic nor was there a yellow line... Grrr...

Police summon for illegal parking.

None the less, we went to Ipoh Parade to shop for presents. I bought myself a little something. Skinx Silky Pouch! I love pouches. This makes three in my collection.

Love the purple!

Finally, had some coffee in Starbucks. Its been so long since I had coffee here. Ordered myself a tall Caramel Machiato. Yummy. There were tonnes of adorable boys to look at too. So yes, I am happy.

Sign of heavenly coffee.

Well deserved Caramel Machiato.

That's basically the rundown of the happenings for the day.

Now, I'm off to Rum Jungle to celebrate belated birthdays.

-Live Long & Prosper


coolgardy said...

hmmm yumilicious....i love dim sum or dian xin (in proper hanyu pinyin) LOL!!

sorry about that ticket u received!

Queer Ranter said...

Coolgardy: Oh cool. I didn't know what it was called in mandarin. Yea too bad about the stupid ticket...

Jason said...

Aiyak... poor La Fag Hag.

Good that you like the food there. And what did I said about Ipoh Parade again? Twinks heaven? :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Not La Faghag. This one is Silent Faghag.

I heart Ipoh Parade! So many cuties!