This post is actually three months overdue. It's been lying in my draft, dusting away during my long hiatus but it's finally here, posted. It's it my unveiling of my iPhone to everyone in blogsphere! Like all of the gadgets I have, each has a name and this one is iNase after The Doctor.

My precious...

When Maxis first announced the iPhone, I went nuts and craved for it badly. I've been waiting for this phone to hit Malaysian shore for far too long and it was finally here. Since then, the iPhone has never disappoint and has delivered more with all sorts of applications available for download. I'm extremely happy with it despite having a few shortcomings like no MMS, no copy paste function and etc.

All that shortcomings are now history and loads more functionality with the latest OS 3.0. Want to listen to my playlist in my iNase while driving? Simple. Hook it up through bluetooth to the car stereo and play! No more radio transmitter hassle. Fantastic function! I've also been controlling my iTunes using a wicked application called Remote. And now it is possible to listen to the songs and watch movies from my computer through my iPhone using AirPhones. The possibilities are just endless.

Recently Apple unveiled the iPhone 3GS. Amazing improvements were done and still keeping to the same slick and sophisticated design. Double the processing speed, double the capacity and so on. Though I'm not tempted to switch to the iPhone 3GS. The improvements made were not significant enough for me. Sure it would be lovely to have Voice Control but I can do without for now.

Thanks to my dearest Doctor for assisting me in getting my dream iPhone. Though he still complains about not having able to video call me for Edison Chen sessions. He's such a skank and yet accuse me being a skank. Talk about pot calling the kettle black...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter