Just Because

Starbucks merchandise... Why do they come up with such pretty merchandise?! What is it this time? It is this take-away mug thinggie. Check it out.

Starbucks Merchandise~~~

See see. How can one resist?! It's a must buy because it's so pretty! Gosh such a "just because" purchase. I got one, I just had to then that lazy woman got the other two. Her reason, just cause there's one more so might as well just buy it. Crazy woman...

Someone buy me more Starbucks merchandise?


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


aaronng88 said...

eh isn't this out some time ago, cuz my fren and I have it already. and yeah, the plastic quality is actually quite good =) and it's fun to fill it with Nescafe 3in1 and pretend it's starbucks =0

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Ah my favorite haunting place too. They seemed to know my orders too.

Jason said...

Really that lasting?...my mum and sis used to have mugs from starbucks. I don't like it thou, its easily stain and scratch.

Queer Ranter said...

AaronNg88: Ish this budaks... I know la I'm in Miri... Things here are not as "updated" ok...

dSaintner: Those are signs that you've gone to Starbucks far too often.

Jason: What do you use that mug for until it gets stained and scratched?!