Emails between the blogging group have been awfully silent these days. Perhaps it could be just me, not being included in the list since my move here to the Borneo Island. Never the less, it just seems very quiet. I do miss the days getting torrents of emails every hour. But then again, back then I have the luxury of time to actively spam replies back.

Even the chats have been a thing of a past. I used to have at least five window chats open at any given time but not anymore. I've only been chatting with a constant few online every night, namely The Doctor. It's either I'm busy or they're busy or I'm just feeling tired and sleeping early. Such is the consequences of work and horrendous weather.

In a way, I am glad that we had our Thailand trip two years back (gosh it's been that long...). A piece of memory I cherish dearly. First time ever to travel with so many queers to a foreign land, moreover to the Land of Smiles, the Land of Heritage, the Land of Shopping, the Land of Masseurs and Land of Beautiful Boys. I would love to return to Bangkok one day. So much more to discover and so much more to shop!

I shall make it an effort to travel at least once a year to any country. Plans to travel next year have already been planned with The Doctor. I'm thinking of going to Melbourne to visit as well and I do hope there's cheap flights for it. Snowboarding during the winter with The Doctor, my sister and brother in law. Sounds like a perfect plan.

Well there's no use in dwelling in the past. Will have to do with the present and make it better.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


savante said...

Awww. No worries, soon I shall be there!

Ban said...

Don't know what happened to the torrent of emails either. But hey, don't I kacau you quite often online? :)

drownedglass said...

Wahseh... ski trip with sister and the husbands! How nice :-)

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: I'm looking forward to it. Woohoo. We shall paint the town PINK!

Ban: Hehehhe. Mousehunt~~~

Drownedglass: Oh yea. Sure sounds awesome doesn't it? Hope it materializes. :)