You Were The One...

I was out shopping the other day with a friend. There's really only one shopping mall here that has the bare minimal of things for us to buy. Better than nothing I guess. But it is some kind of blessing in disguise. Not every trip, if not most trip, to the mall I come out with a purchase. So consider it a mild cardio workout without the burst in the pocket.

There we were in a shop that opened recently selling woman's clothings. They have some nice stuff but mostly clothes from Hong Kong (people here are very into the La-La and Beng-Beng style). As she was trying out some clothes, I was waiting for her outside of the changing room surrounded by mirrors. Naturally, I was staring at myself. Yes narcissist is me.

Then one of the two sales girls approached me and said, "Hey, you're the one who sat next to us on a flight back here.". I was looking at her as she said it but was bewildered. I don't recall flying back here recently. I don't recall flying out of here for that matter.

Me: When was this?
Sales Girl: Oh this was end of April.
Me: Oh gosh really? I don't even recall that flight. So long ago.
Sales Girl: Yea. We remembered.

That left me thinking what did I do that they remembered me so vividly. I don't usually, if ever, recall the person sitting next to me on a flight unless they really stand out. I'm either busy listening to my iPod, watching a movie on my laptop or playing with my iPhone. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Maybe I was reading a book then... I simply can't recall.

It was an outré encounter indeed. But more importantly, what did I do on that fateful flight?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Janvier said...

Something naughty, that's why they noticed you hor? Or watching prawns on your iPod. :P

::. Anton ::. said...

Must have been the city-boi look!


savante said...

Must been the naughty boi look.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Did you do something that made them noticed you?

Ban said...

Definitely naughty boy look. Naughty... gayyyyyy boy look.

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: I so didn't!


Anton: Gosh you might be right. Kakakakka.

Savante: It so isn't ok... These were girls!

dSaintner: I dunno...

Ban: O.o