What Is Weekend?

Barely a week and being offshore has already gotten into me. I'm used to missing out on friend's events or happening parties since I'm so far away from KL... Kinda feel sad sometimes that I can't attend them. There's a saying that I learned from university time, "Visit the people that you love and care when they're alive because it'll be too late to see them in their funeral.".

Anyways, I've forgotten the existence of weekend and I didn't even realised it until I was talking to Lazy Girl on the phone about work and my laundry. Yes she's sort of my senior at work and yes she's sending my laundry for wash. Cool huh?

So I was asking if she remembered to pick up my laundry from my house and of course she forgotten. Poor girl got too many things bugging her at work. I told her to just go see my housemate, who works in the same floor, today at the office and coordinate with her. Little did I know Saturday is a weekend. Weekend as in no work in the office. No work in the office means no one in the office.


What has happened to me. I'm working tomorrow~~~

Office is making unnecessary hoo-haa that made the nice-but-grumpy Company Man being grumpy. No one likes a grumpy man especially when you're stuck on an island of steel.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

You are working on a Sunday? Is that an overtime or what? By the way, what engineering field are you in? Just curious.

savante said...

Wah, kerja berat ka. No worries, you should be making enough to buy me dinner! Peking Duck at Imperial darling.

::. Anton ::. said...

She did your laundry???
Now who is the lazy one? :P


Queer Ranter said...

dSaintner: Chemical engineering but not using it at all. Kakkaka.

Savante: Cis! You're the rich doctor!

Anton: Kakakkakak. No time la.

William said...

Miss me? Miss me? :P