Winds Of Change

Yes! I'm back from a few months long hiatus. Plenty things have change, yet plenty have remained the same. For one, I've decided to change the outlook of my blog again. I needed something new for my blog. Something a little brighter and cheerful but nothing too overly colourful. This template is just nice for my liking.

Updates on the career front. Things are going well though most of the time, I'm away for trainings. One and a half month worth of training is taking a toll on me. Slacking creeps in. I do hope I can build enough momentum to start working at my normal pace again. I'm now a permanent staff at work too. My probation period is over. Woohoo.

Updates on my love life. Things between The Doctor and I are going well with the occasional bumps here and there. It's been half a year come this month. He was here for Gawai long weekend. All my housemates were away and I had their car to drive around. We went grocery shopping, we cooked, we drove around sight seeing, we camwhored, we made noisy bonking and watched Twilight (we fell "asleep" halfway). A glimpse of what domesticated life we'll lead if we were to move into a house.

Updates on me. I am now officially the Domesticated Fairy. I go grocery shopping and cook for the house. Only on weekends though cause that's when I have the whole day to prepare. I'm slowly collecting and learning cooking recipes.

That's all the updates for now. I'm sure more will come as I blog. Feels good to be back.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ban said...

During gawai, we drink tapai! :P

Fell "asleep"? Is that what they call having sex nowadays? :P

Queer Ranter said...

Ban: It's Tuak dear Bunny...

And yep that's the new code name for sex. :P

Cedric Ang said...

I hope you were on ribbs and dotss ..