Online Obsession

Back in uni time, there was never a day I won't be playing computer games. DOTA was the name of the game back then. Then that went on a long hiatus right after internship. Internship taught me how valuable time is when all of my working days, twelve or more hours were spent outside of home. Time spent at home was very precious. Tranquility was highly sought after when working in the hustle and bustle city.

But these days, especially when I have ample time in my hands due to technical training, I've been busy clicking away in my Facebook. Not on profiles and comments and likes. It is MouseHunt! And real simple to play. Get a mouse trap, get a mouse bait and sound the hunter's horn every 15 mins to catch mice. Dead simple, easy peasy.

The real treat is to catch all the mice that are available in the game. Pretty artworks and considerable effort was put into the game.

This is an Assassin Mouse.

Very pretty artwork don't you agree?

And they're really creative when it comes to traps too.

Zugzwang's Last Move.

I just love the game. The simplicity of it and the amazing artworks. Give this game a go. It's really fun and amusing.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


NotHamsap said...

mousehunt is seriously overrated! :P

Ban said...

It's mostly nice artwork. You should put up the trebuchet image...

*sproings rat rat to outer space

simonlover said...

It's rejuvenating if we were to relax & have fun once in a while ma...Bt i do agree with u, seeking tranquility is the one that i love too...

Queer Ranter said...

NotHamsap: So unapreciating lovely artworks!

Ban: Well I was thinking of the Ratcer-ciser instead. :P

SimonLover: Yeap yeap. Rejuvenating. I want to spa~~~

ikanbilis said...

you are alive!

its been a while since i frequent here see.

and i don't do DOTA. just facebook =)

Queen B said...

i dun understand the addiction over DOTA~

aaronng88 said...

GOOOO DOTA!!! didnt noe u're a dota addict lor =) we should so go for a dota night out =) i miss dota-ing til the sunrise ~


Kenny Japheth S.C. said...

mousehunt?? lol... i want manhunt! is there a game like that?? hunt for men..damn this shows my level of desperation..shh