Poco-poco is a dance originally from Indonesia and now it seems to be internationally known. The name originated from an artist who was observing a plump girl dancing in a festival. She was so amused seeing the girl danced and uttered the word "poco-poco" and then wrote a song about it. I wonder what "poco-poco" actually means.

But what is this "poco-poco" dance? Watch the Youtube.

It's basically a dance move that is extremely simple to dance to. Two rights, two lefts, one back, one front and one back and repeat until the song is finished. That's the basic steps and many versions have appeared since then.

Why the sudden blogging about "poco-poco" you may wonder? This dance has been a staple entertainment source whenever there's any sort of functions in my company. When I first heard about it in an induction program, I was flabbergasted. Literally a deer in front of the headlights, moments before the deer turned into a roadkill.

Then just the other day, I got dragged into practicing the "poco-poco"... Spent two hours doing it again and again and again. My knees... This dance is high impact and if I was to do it some more, I'd need a knee replacement. Though it got me all drenched in sweat. My first cardio in eons!

I'm more amazed at the fact that "poco-poco" is, was or kind of a world phenomenon! I was shocked when I was searching for a video clip of "poco-poco" in Youtube. This seemingly silly dance is actually popular out there in the world!

But you'll never catch me saying, "Shall we Poco-Poco?".

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

lolz. so funny.
Bet u have lot of laughter and fun!

aaronng88 said...

i did it just the other day =) kakakakaka. damn lame dance =p but super fun =p kekekeek

Sam said...

No, I'll probably hear you say - shall we loco roco? :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Oh no I wasn't... Me not amused with such dance...

AaronNg88: Fun meh... Knee replacement~~~

Sam: I wants Loco Roco on the iPhone~~~

ARC™ said...

from indonesia? orly?
there's a source claiming that thing from Jamaica lol

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm from Indonesia. Poco-poco means sexy or petite.

The first phrase of the lyrics:

Balengang pata pata
(Dancing with break movement)
Ngana pe goyang pica pica
(your move is so lusting)
Ngana pe body poco-poco
(your body is sexy)