101 Stories

Another busy day for me... My schedule for the day was packed back to back but waking up to my baby was a great start of the day... Felt his body warmth and listened to his heartbeats was the best thing ever. Two nude men in bed cuddling each other and snuggling under a blanket in a chilly morning. I'm soo happy when I have my baby with me. Love you baby.

Mom bought us both two huge ass wantan mee. A packet of that wantan mee was like the equivalent of two packets of normal wantan mee. Its super HUGE... Mc Dave and I couldn't finish it. Heheheh. Yummy yum yum. We kinda had to rush this morning cause we were taking too much time getting out of bed and we had to be in KLCC by 12.30 for the gathering in Chilies. I have to break my post into several parts cause too many things had happened today. Basically, first destination was KLCC then Mid Valley. That is the general story guide.

Story #1
In the car enroute to LRT station

The purpose of me coming back to KL, besides seeing my baby, was to attend a dinner or so I thought it was dinner. I made a few calls and I found out that it was suppose to be high-tea. I was totally fucked... I couldn't make it. Holiday Villa, Subang was like a two hours journey from my place and no way can I make it on time. Not to mention I was wearing a pink, round neck shirt with the word "FABULOUS" printed with my jeans. No way was I going to a function with that attire... Plus it clashed with the gathering my baby had planned. So my President made a call to the organizers and they said its alright. I didn't have to pay for it too. Phew... Saved RM50.00 there.

Story #2
LRT station

We were in the LRT station at my place and saw this prepaid counter. We were looking for DIGI prepaid starter pack since its super cheap to contact each other. So we asked the sales person for the list of 016 numbers and we looked through it. We saw the number we liked and asked for it. At the same time, I saw an RM10.00 note on the counter. I had no idea whose it was but continue asking the sales person some questions about the prepaid. We requested for the number and she just took the note on the counter and asked us if we had 50 cents. I passed it to her and Mc Dave took the change. Hmmm. Free number~~~

Story #3
Chilies, KLCC

It was super fun meeting almost everyone again. 10 of us were there chatting, laughing, eating and bitching away. Not to mention two bday boys~~~ Happy Bday again Leggie and Xavier~~~ I hope you two had fun celebrating your bdays with us. :) I had the Exploding something something salad and it was super nice but super huge. Luckily I was sharing it with my baby or else it would all go to waste. Not to mention I still had this morning's wantan mee in me. I suddenly feel fat... Ah good food before I head back to campus where I can control my food better, mostly because the food sucks here...

Story #4
Mid Valley's Loo

My first encounter in any public loo. There were five urinals so I took the forth from the left and there was a guy at the second urinal. As I was doing my stuff, I had a sudden feeling that I was being watched by the guy at the second urinal but I didn't care. Then it occured to me that that guy has been at the urinal for a suspecious amount of time now but again I didn't care. Then an uncle came and took the fifth urinal. He was also looking at me doing my stuff... Hmmm... But luckily I was almost done. So I finished up and glanced at the uncle, he was smiling at me... I just turned to my left and I saw an erected penis... It was very obvious he was stroking his penis there while looking at me urinating and the uncle on my right was enjoying the show, me and the second urinal guy... Freaky~~~ I joined my baby at the sink and he told me that the uncle was staring at me the entire time I was there... When we were done there, we went out but the uncle somewhat followed us. My baby was hugging me and we saw the uncle went another way... We had no idea where the second urinal guy went. Sure was an interesting experience...

-Live Long & Prosper


Alex said...

Wow.... how come never happened to me before?


Kyle said...

So you basically gave that guy a free show?? lol

Harvey said...

I use a DIGI number but I ended up paying double as most of my friends use maxis or celcom. Meh
That toilet encounter was kinda cool, luckily u were not alone anyway. Later the two uncles rape you, haha.

Legolas said...

Hmmm... Must be because of that FABULOUS pink shirt.

defiant85 said...

Alex - Perhap's you're not at the right place at the right time?

Kyle - Well... I didn't deliberately give him a free show...

Harvey - Hhehehe. The DIGI number is only for my baby ma. Its actually one uncle and the other is our age.

Leggie - I think that must be it. :P I am FABULOUS.