Contacts Lenses

Mc Dave gave me a pair of contact lenses when he was sleeping over at my place. So I tried it today for a day. It was suprisingly easy for me to put them on compared to the last time I tried, took me like ages but this time took me less than 10 minutes. Heheh. So proud of meself and I love wearing them cause I feel free without anything blocking my view. I only wish that I can wear coloured contacts... When it was time to take my contacts out, it took a little bit of effort but I managed. Takes some time for me to get used to it I guess.

Oh I'm so tired.... I wanna sleep for a day and not be disturbed by anyone, save my baby. I need to go to a spa or some pampering center with my baby to unwind and destress. Every night I have meetings. My Engineering Team Project meeting and my installation meeting... I NEED A BREAK~~~

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

the first time i put my contacts in, it took me a good 3 hours. don't ask. now it's just poke, poke, done.

Kyle said...

I find colored contacts very dry. And they are oh so more expensive than my usual ones. One wind blow to your face and the eyes imediately dry up like a dehydrated sotong kering.

But no doubt, it looks very cool, tho.. lol

defiant85 said...

Confusticated - 3 hours?!

Kyle - I can't wear them at all... They don't have my requirements for me eyes... Sigh

Prince of Darkness said...

Eh you look at me putting on my contacts, hahaha where got need 10 mins? Hahaha but you need to be daring else it will take ages, but when you are used to it, it'll be fast.