I'm Dying of Tiredness

Ah finally one more day to go till my installation. Its going to be almost a month of me buzzing here and there to get things done for the event. Its gonna be huge this time with 280 people attending it. We're hoping to make some profit to fund raise our club. Lets just say my club isn't the riches club in the whole of Malaysia and its time to add another figure into the checkbooks.

Aaaaaaa... I haven't done any academic related work since the semester started... I haven't gotten my books yet either... Dem it. Its already third week and I'm soo busy with my installation work and I'll be too tired to do anything else later in the day. I hope after this installation, things will be less busy.

When to pasar malam for the first time this semester near my campus with all my galfriends. I love the pasar malam here cause there's lots of yummy food. I had apam and it was super nice, super crispy and super corny with a little more corns than before. Ordered special chicken burger as my main meal and tou fu fa as my dessert. Ahhhh. Yum yum.

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

yeah officially a VP there already.. Congrats dude! :) and wei take more rest now and fast fast catch up ur studies lor!

Kyle said...

You know, you have been talking A LOT about food lately... Is it taking over your sex life? LMAO.