My Lovely Baby

I couldn't concentrate the whole day... I kept thinking of my baby cause I'm going back this weekend and I get to see him. Oh how I miss my baby soo much... I kept thinking of what we should do, where we should go, who are we meeting and of course the skanky stuff. I'm soo deprived of sex... I get buildup of sex tension very easily and wanking ain't fun no more... :(

Anyhow, I kept smsing him and calling him just to listen to his voice. There's something about his voice that makes me all warm and fuzzy. I really do miss him being by my side, talking to him, hugging him and kissing him. I guess technology does help but only to a certain extend... Being next to him still is the best way of enjoying his company, listening to his voice, hear his heartbeats and smell his scent.

As we were messaging, we were discussing some problems that he has and I offered to help. Perhaps its the age or some other factor that he kinda shy to accept my help. For some reason, I replied to him with:
For richer or for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
Till death do us part.
Yes, its the wedding vow but I used it to tell him that I am there when he needs me and I know that he's there when I need him. OMG... We're soo married... With the things that's been going on between him and my parents... We're soo maried... I'm not complaining though. I love him soo much. Dedicate this song to my baby. This is our song.


乌黑的发尾 盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
隔著半透明门帘 嘴里说的语言 完全没有欺骗

屋顶灰色瓦片 安静的画面 灯火是你美丽那张脸
终于找到所有流浪的终点 你的微笑结束了 疲倦

千万不要说天长地久 免得你觉得我不切实际
想多么简单 就多么简单 是妈妈告诉我的哲理

脑袋都是你 心里都是你
念的都是你 全部都是你

乌黑的发尾 盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
终于找到所有流浪的终点 你的微笑结束了疲倦

千万不要说天长地久 免得你觉得我不切实际
想多么简单 就多么简单 是妈妈告诉我的哲理
I'm Thinking Of You

那回城的票根 你留做纪念
剪一束头发 让我放在胸前
走到那里都有你陪 相随

乌黑的发尾盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
那一种寸步不离的感觉 我知道就叫做永远

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

GASP! Lagu cina?!


Prince of Darkness said...

Aiyo, want to meet already still like tat meh? Haha of coz la masturbation no longer nice after u have sex :P If you still like to mast lots after u have sex then there must be something wrong wit u. Haha unless u r alone then bo pien lo.

Haha sampai got lagu cinta eh? Haha

Apollo David said...

ya i'm so touch with all the words Baby wrote...
this Baby ah... this time i'm Cry liao lo.

I Love You So much...

MrBunnyBan said...

Oh my god, the mushiness... :) So happy for you two

Cibetronic said...

lolx some1 love sick jor. kekeke... no medicine can cure lor like dat. oni apollo can cure ooo...

defiant85 said...

Savante - Eh. This song dem nice and meaningful. You should listen to it. Heheh. Sing K to it even better. :P

Prince - Ya lo. I'm soo addicted to my baby... What to do? There's no substitute to sex is there?

Apollo - Love you too baby.

Bunny - Thanks.

Cibetronic - Huhuhhu. Very sick now. Nearly terminal if I don't get my "medication" soon. :P

Harvey said...

Wah, you two are beyond mushy already... exactly like husband and husband. Haha