Missing My Baby

My baby is leaving for Tioman from KL with his friends right at this moment. He's taking the bus from Pudu to somewhere and getting on a boat to Tioman. I wish I could follow him there and I'm sure it'll be really romantic and fun to go there with him. We're yet to go for a holiday trip together but we are planning to go to Bukit Tinggi when my mid semester break comes. I can't wait.

It sucks not being able with my baby... Him being in KL and me here. Going back to KL every weekend would be too expensive and tiring for me. Not to mention I have my project to do. Sucks sucks sucks... Now that he's in Tioman its a little worst cause DIGI don't have coverage there.

All I can do now is hope that I'll get my internship in KL. That way I can spend my eight months in KL with him. I'm not sure if I wanna stay at home with my parents or rent a room. If I stay home, he can't stayover at my place often or else parents would think something is up or have they been thinking something is up between us? I wonder. Whatever the case, do or die, I'm getting an internship placement in KL. My baby took a huge leap by shifting to Bangsar to be closer to me and now its my turn to make the effort to be close with my baby.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to settle with hugging rat rat and Teddy. *hug hug They're soo adorable and cute. *cuddle cuddle And they look soo funny together on my bed. *kiss kiss Love playing with them too. *play play rat rat They keep me company all the time. *love love

Yes I've gone mental...

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

I know of a certain charming guy with a room to let!


Patrick said...

Staying together for 8 months..Lovely!!

defiant85 said...

Paul - Ooo. Yea. Hehehe. I wonder. :P

Patrick - I know~~~ I really hope I get it in KL.

Apollo David said...

i wish i can stay with baby that time since now i'm not so satisfy with the hostel. but need to count the cost lo. i missing baby too. i don wan baby travel all the time from campus to kl. we plan the internship together. hope tat baby get the job at KL.