Heart-Attack #2

I skipped a class today cause I really couldn't pay attention to anything the lecturer was yapping about. The same goes for my friends so we decided to skip the last class and headed for KL. Hehhee. So we left at about 11.00 AM. Nothing much happened throughout the journey cause I was sound asleep with rat rat on me and KKK was playing with Teddy while accompanying FLS, the driver. :P Three hours later, we arrived in KL~~~

The first place I went was back home to unload, refresh and rest. It was about 3.00 PM then and I left my home at 4.00 PM to meet ND for coffee in KLCC. We spent our entire time in Coffee Bean chatting and bitching away till it was dinner time. I had a sudden craving for banana leaf rice and sugested Nirwana in Bangsar. I planned to go to Bangsar to shock Mc Dave so why not have dinner there too. They have the best banana leaf rice I've tasted so far. She made a few calls to her BF and her friend and off we went to Bangsar.

My mad friends somewhat persuaded me to get flower cause it'll be super romantic and super sweet and super bla bla bla. You know how girls can be. ND forced her BF to stop in front of Bangsar Village and accompanied me to go to the florist... Got a red rose. A nice red rose but pity no smell of a rose. Then we went round and round looking for parking. Bloody hellish to look for parking there. Managed to get one tight spot and we marched to Mc Dave's branch.

Heheheh. I wasn't actually sure if it was the right shop when we arrived... I was seriously hoping it was cause the shop didn't have anyone except one person. So I called him and as he was walking out of a room, he saw me and immediately turned back into the room. Heheheh. He always does that when I suprise him. Heheheh. Two other girls came out of the room and as I was walking into the shop, all the three girls stared at me like some hungry lions ready to eat me up. Guess I found out the reason not many customers come to this branch... Later I found out from Mc Dave, it was the rose that was sticking out of my bag that caught their attention. Hoping that I was their knight in shinning armor. Bah. Sorry girls, I'm a knight in shinning armor for someone else.

But yea, Mc Dave was, in every sense of the word, SUPRISED. Heheheh. I love to give suprises to my baby. Love to see his reactions. I had another suprise to present to him. I bought a Snoopy piggybank cause he's soo obsess with Snoopy. Hehhe. I gave him that during dinner as well and heheheh, gotta love the reaction too. Heheheh. Love you baby.

After dinner, I followed him back to his hostel and I was feeling rather sorry that my baby has to stay in this hostel... It was three rooms apartment and his room has three people staying in there. It doesn't have any space for furnitures except one single bed and a double decker bed. The ceiling fan is broken since who knows when and my baby is sleeping on the top bed... Imagine how hot it must be... Poor baby... The sacrifices he has to make to be closer to me...

Our final destination for the day was my home~~~ A place more cosy and comfy for my baby. Super exhausted but happy that I finally got to see my baby. My baby gave me a pair of one month contact lenses for me to try. I'm happy for that eventhough I wish it was coloured. I can't wear coloured lenses cause of my astigmatism. Oh well. We chatted, kissed, hugged and cuddled throughout the night. The rest of the activites, I'm sure you can figure that out. :P

-Live Long & Prosper