Rain Rain Cold Cold

Heheheh. What am I doing in my room at this hour and not attending my class? To enjoy the weather of course. Heheheh. Its soo nice and cold cause its like hurrican going on out there. It hasn't rained like this in a long time and usually its just freaking scorching hot. I wonder who did the rain dance...

Today my baby is going island hopping. So fun. I wanna go island hopping with him too. Too bad the won't be coverage there therefore no connection with my baby~~~ Nooo... Oh well, hungging rat rat will have to do now in the cold weather. *snuggle snuggle Oh and my baby is going to wear is new swimwear. I don't remember the details well but its blue. I wanna see my baby in it... I'm gonna get a white trunks since I don't have them and they are just oh soo sexy and revealing. Heheh, I know, skanky. :P

Started watching a new anime that I've seen being shared in my campus for a long time now. Its called XXX Holic. Heheh. It sounded like a porn movie more than an anime title. Don't really like the drawing style much but the storyline is rather interesting. Its about supernatural stuff and a little magic in it too. Something about spirits, divination and the like.

-Live Long & Prosper


sunboy said...

Baby naughty eh... didnt go to class... i do missing baby when i'm enjoying my time at tioman.