The Adventures of Rat Rat and Teddy (Part Duex)

Rat rat and Teddy had a very early start of the day. Woke up at 7.30 AM despite testing the dvds at night till the early hours of the morning. Poor Rat Rat and Teddy for not having enough sleep but what to do. Woke up early to prepare for today's eating activities. Yum yum. Chinese people are known for having their meals early so they had to rush to the Dim Sum place located opposite of KDU Penang from Batu Ferringgi.

When they arrived there at about 9.30AM, it was packed with people everywhere. Loads of them standing any preying over tables where people were finishing their sumptuous breakfast. Rat Rat and Teddy had to do the same. Scouting around the huge place looking for signs of empty table. But once they managed to get seats, it was paradise of dim sum. There were soo many variety of food that they never seen before and the taste of each food imprinted permanently in their mind. They had Chrysanthemum tea for drinks, tonnes of dim sum like Ha Kau, Chee Cheong Fun, Lo Bak Ko, Sui Kao, Taufu, Char Tao Kui and etc and egg tarts for dessert. They were soo full by the end of the whole ordeal and could barely walk much less stay awake for the rest of the day.

After that, they headed to Bukit Jambul for a Malay engagement ceremony. Pity they spent most of the time sleeping while the ceremony was going on. Too tired and too full but still had to wake up and eat lunch even though they were filled to the throat. The food was yummy too. Typical Malay food like nasi minyak (translated as Oil Rice.), chicken and stuff with a different dessert, Payasum. Yummy. Poor Rat Rat and Teddy came back fat fat. :P I still love you all. *hug hug

With Rat Rat and Teddy all stocked up with enough food in them to run a marathon to Singapore and back, they finally bid Penang goodbye.

-Live Long & Prosper


joshua said...

OMG Zim Sum is SOoOo good... me love it

MrBunnyBan said...

...oooookay, who *really* went to Penang? You? Illuminated?