Wise Words

FLS came up with some wise ass words:

Confucious says,

He who sleeps with itchy bottom will wake up with smelly fingers.

-Live Long & Prosper


Kyle said...


Wise words.... :P

Qi Hua said...

"FLS come up with wise ass words."

Are u sure? I mean, come on. It's FLS we're talking abt here. Got wise meh?

Muahahaha. Be sure to tell her abt this.

Dan said...

...you don't say

Dan said...

GAH! Why does it show my name as Dan?!?

Harvey said...

Harvey says,

Cum, if left dried on cloth, will smell like cookies.

savante said...

That is so utterly disgusting that I can't speak!


MrBunnyBan said...

I think I see a pattern here... could it be the doctor's weakness??