A Sudden Craving

More proof that I'm going mental... I had a sudden craving of playing Sim City. Heheh I have no idea why but yea Sim City. I spent so much time searching it high and low and finally I got my hands on a copy of it together with the expansion pack Sim City Rush Hour. Heheheh can't wait to install it into my computer.

My baby is on his way back to KL now. I'm soo happy since he was out of coverage for several days in Tioman. Poor baby hurt his hand while going snorkeling. I thought snorkeling is like a safe activity to engage in while going on a holiday. Heheheh. He kinda hit his hand on some part of the boat while jumping into the sea. Baby baby... Why la you jump into the sea instead of going down the steps?

Anyhow, classes were rather boring today... Couldn't pay much attention to what the lecturer was bla bla ing about. So my skanky mind wondered around Mc Dave. Hehehe. Much pleasant thoughts compared to boring equations or this theory, that theory. Can't help it that I miss my baby and the time we spent together. Three more weeks before we get to meet each other again.

-Live Long & Prosper


Harvey said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And like your posts.

savante said...

I love SIMCITY! Play it all the time!


Kyle said...

I never seem to get SimCity... But I would get gugu-gaga over Warcraft or the AOE series, but then again, I never seem to be good in any of them. So i ended up not playing much... lol

Apollo David said...

Baby... last time i do addicted with sim city when i'm in high sch. long time didnt play. wanna try it again.
Baby should pay more attention in class oh... i wan baby get better result. i'm thinking baby all the time.

MrBunnyBan said...

Simcity... that's not so bad. Gah, I'm keep installing and unistalling Alpha Centauri. Can you say "time sink"? @.@

defiant85 said...

Harvey - Eh?

Savante - Heheh. Play Sim City Rush Hour man. Its fun.

Kyle - Playing for old time sake I guess. :P

Baby - Oooo. Heheh I will baby. *kiss kiss

Bunny - Alpha Centauri takes too long to play...

FamezGAY said...

i have a brief moment with Sim City during my pre-U ahah.. But tat onli last for 2 days cause I dun really like computer games.. I feel it is very complicated and I like things to be simple ahaha!