The Adventures of Rat Rat and Teddy (Part Uno)

Rat rat and Teddy boldly went to where no rat and bear has gone before. They went to a place north of Notroh woods and into the land of food. They travelled through jungle under the scorching sun, hitchhiked with strangers that would kinapped them and sell them to brothels and journeyed by foot in the dangerous roads of Penang where crazy drivers seemed to rule the streets. Yes, they went to Penang.

Penang or also known as The Island of The Pearl (though Rat Rat and Teddy were very disappointed coming back to campus poor, fat and no pearls.), is famous for scrumptious, delicious, things that make you super fat food and the price is to die for. The food there is soo freaking cheap and Rat Rat and Teddy ate till they dropped and super sized. Penang is a nice place except the drivers who are really crazy and they had soo many near misses while they were there. Thank goodness they returned unharm.

First stop was Gurney Plaza where Rat Rat and Teddy did a little shopping. They got me a bottle of Oceanus Body Lotion from Bodyshop. I just love Oceanus so sweet of them to get me a bottle. Now I can sniff sniff myself and be reminded of my baby. Thanks
Rat Rat and Teddy. *kiss kiss

Then it was off for makan session in Batu Ferringgi. The roads there are very curvy. Poor
Rat Rat and Teddy almost got motion sickness from the drive there. Luckily they were fine when they finally arrived. They had Char Koew Tiao, some sort of dessert with ginko seeds and popiah with crabmeat on it at a hawker center. Yum yum. They didn't waste anytime gulping the food.

Then they did more shopping at the night market nearby the hawker center. The dvds there are super cheap. Its RM4.00 per dvd and Rat Rat and Teddy got discounts from a guy. He gave them RM3.00 per dvd. Woot woot. Great buy. They got me Queer As Folk Season V~~~ The season finally. Oh I love Rat Rat and Teddy soo much. They also got a headband for Mc Dave's sister and got me and Mc Dave a very nice photo album for us to put pics of us two. Awwww. So sweet...

After all that walking, dodging stomping feet of tourists (especially ninjas from the Middle East) and mad traffic, they called it a night and rested in a clinic in Batu Ferringgi itself. Its got a small house attached next to the clinic. The place is made of wood so its like a village home, very nice and cosy too.

-Live Long & Prosper


Patrick said...

Penang...ohhh...FOODS. I miss those delicacies.

MrBunnyBan said...

Wah, Rat rat and Teddy had so much fun and ate so much food. :) Bought so many things some more, hee...

confusticated said...

incidentally, my very female ex uses oceanus too.

Cybertron said...

wah noti rat rat n teddy. oh lemme rephrase dat... its fat rat rat n fat teddy hehehe... u 2 din overnite ah?

defiant85 said...

Patrick - You said it man.

Bunny - I know. Soo jealous man. :P

Confusticated - Oh? Its a very guy scent leh.

Cybertron - Hhahahhah. They did over night what.